NASPA Vetting: Your prayers will see me through – Nana Yaw Boakye to his supporters


The vetting of National Service Personal Association (NASPA) members who are interested in contesting for various positions within the Korley Klottey Constituency is scheduled for tomorrow the 12th of February at 10 am.

Nana Yaw Boakye Noah who is interested in contesting the position of NASPA Organizing Secretary has assured his supporters of sailing through the vetting process successfully tomorrow God willing.

In a chat with Sellassie Sokpe of, Nana Yaw Boakye said he was confident everything would be fine because he was well prepared for the task and most importantly, the spiritual support he is receiving from his supporters by way of prayers would not be in vain.

Nana Yaw Boakye Noah (UEW STUDENTS’ VC/ SIR BDA) has served two times as SRC Chaplaincy Organizer and a Former SRC Housing and Sanitation Deputy Chairman at the University of Education Winneba (UEW). He was voted North Campus Most Popular Student in 2022,

He is also the Founder of Help One Another Group and currently the Acting General Secretary- Ghana Tug of War Association kum Ghana Pillow Fight Association, an Aerobics Instructor at- One On One Foundation as well as the United Nations Youth Association Ghana Minister of Sports and Entertainment.

His admirers love him for his humility, fearlessness, hard work, and selfless attitude in serving others.

Nana Yaw Boakye Noah’s vision when given the nod as NASPA Organizing Secretary is centered around a seven-point result-oriented deliverable goals policy statement. Advocacy for timely payment of allowance; NSS Evaluation form intervention and relief team initiative; NASPA Post Service Masters Scholarship Seminars and entrepreneurship Youth Connect; Your Health Your Wealth project; NASPA Passport and Birth certificate hub; NASPA Media engagement (Time With NASPA) and NASPA for all institutions initiative.

  1. Advocacy for timely payment of allowance:
    In collaboration with other districts, regional and national executives, we will actively lobby and advocate for timely payment of NSS allowance.
    There will also be engagement of other stakeholders (NSS Directors across the nation, members of parliament, and leaders of the various Labour Unions)on the need for paying National Service Personnel allowance in time.
  2. NSS Evaluation form intervention and Relief Team Initiative:
    There will be the formation of a team that will help in taking evaluation forms of NSPs who might be financially handicapped and submit them on their behalf. This initiative is to ensure that everyone’s allowance is paid on time without delay and also make the work of the district director less stressful.
  3. NASPA Post Service Masters Scholarship Seminars and Entrepreneurship Youth Connect.
    This policy focuses on educating NSPs who might want to pursue their MPhil and other programs overseas on how to access and apply for them.
    It also focuses on connecting NSPs to employment agencies, CEOs, and other influential stakeholders for employment after service.
  4. Your health your wealth project.
    This initiative centers on organizing free health screening exercises for all NSPs in the district.
    It again includes educating NSPs on health issues and how to keep themselves healthy.
  5. NASPA Passport and Birth certificate hub.
    This project focuses on relieving NSPs who might need passports and birth certificates from the stress of acquiring them.
  6. NASPA Media engagement (Time With NASPA).
    It has to do with the engagement of media houses in NASPA activities.
    Also, it focuses on discussing challenges facing NASPA on media platforms, or issues of national concern relating to NSS and NASPA.
  7. NASPA for all institutions initiative.
    It has to do with providing deprived basic schools with some teaching and learning materials.
    Again, it focuses on advocating against the stigmatization of teen mothers and encouraging them to go back to school and/or engage themselves in skills training opportunities to give them a better future.
    It also includes a NASPA tour of all institutions to check on the well-being of every NSP.


Be Fearless, Be Selfless.


Service with Integrity, Honesty and Accountability