Shut up and leave us alone to defend ourselves, the constitution and our democracy

Baba Iddrisu replies National Peace Council over comments on violence during limited voter registration exercise


The Caucus For Mature Democrats (CMD) as a Civil Society Organisation on principles of Probity, accountability, social justice and equality views the observation of the National Peace Council as very belated and unnecessary today because of the following reasons:

  1. Where was the Peace Council when the Chief Justice (CJ) declared in election 2020 presidential petition hearing that, “when we get to the bridge, we shall cross it”? And when we got to the said bridge, they turned around and declared “they have removed the bridge” Therefore there was nothing to cross.

Eight (8) innocent Ghanaians were shot and killed in the collation of results for no wrongdoing, but to ensure their votes were counted, till 2024, what has Peace Council ever said about it?

Have they ever said anything in an attempt to get justice for the victims, get culprits to face the law and demand compensation for family of victims?

Has it ever struck them why the people of Santrokofi, Akpafu, Likpe and Lolobi (SALL) simply called people of the SALL region have no representation in parliament ever since President Nana Addo and Jezebel Jean Mensah took office?

When President Nana Addo, Lord Commey and Bryan Acheampong declared they won’t hand power over to John Mahama and NDC if even JM and NDC legitimately win the election, have they since been patriotic enough to condemn the SUBVERSIVE declaration of the president and NPP?

It is the sincere view of the CMD that, the National Peace Council must stop talking now because we are ready to uphold and defend the constitution and democracy without their inputs.

When Akufo Addo the mother serpent of corruption used the huge sums of taxpayers money, thousand times bigger than the amount of money the visionary JM used to import the AMERI POWER PLANT they so badly BASTARDISED, what has the peace Council said to that till now?

Did Otumfuor Osei Tutu II, who all Ghanaians think is very powerful and bold enough to speak truth to power and former president Kufuor ask Nana Addo and NPP why they used such huge taxpayers money just to transport the plant from Takoradi to Kumasi?

We expected Nana Otumfuor to have also asked President Nana Addo to account to him and his people physical infrastructure projects just like John Mahama did before him in election 2020. Yet Nana Otumfuor settled for the mother serpent of corruption to rather account on the number of ministers he appointed.

What has the people of Ashanti region got to gain from huge numbers of ministers appointed from the Ashanti region? We want presidents who think of the collective good of our country and benefits of the citizens, not good of a selected few.

Therefore we rather prefer the National Peace Council to shut up and leave us alone to defend ourselves, the constitution and our democracy.

Do they think we were cowards or hypocrites to accept the SUBVERTED supreme court in defending EC from being accountable to the citizens who are the kingmakers?

The National Peace Council should stop annoying us with such hypocrisy of talks when the right time to hold such talks is long over!!!

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