Dr. M Bawumia’s Gods Are Not To Blame – David Zekpah


The King was sick. His cheek was red,
And his eye was clear and bright;
He ate and drank with kingly zest,
And peacefully snored at night.
But he said he was sick, and a king should know.
And doctors came by the score, they did not cure him.
The Enchanted Shirt, – John M. Hay (US Secretary of State, 1898-1905)

Arguably, one of the most difficult persons in public life to understand in recent times is the Vice President of the Republic, our venerable Dr. Bawumia. By his dear wife, the economic whiz kid who had endeared himself to public Ghana (2008-2016) has all of sudden become stale contaminated air to be flushed out.

Courtesy of the poor performance of this government, Dr. Bawumia has come under severe public scrutiny as against his much-acclaimed prowess at making “things” work for Ghana.

The discerning public has been unforgiving of his massive failure exacerbated by his unrelenting desire to continue the trajectory of a “Dr. Do Little”. He no longer understands our plight, and we no longer understand the language of our messiah.

Like in William B Yeats’ The Second Coming, the falcon cannot hear the falconer – things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; mere anarchy is loosed upon the nation. In trying to redeem and reassert himself, Dr. Bawumia has done everything wrong. From peddling blatant verifiable lies to a lack of touch with the realities of Ghanaian society.

He stood uninvited on the shifty grounds of religion, ethno-centrism, and warped economic analysis that cannot stand the rigour of peer review. His moral compass and mindfulness have come under the surgical blade of suspicion, and beckons further behavioural analysis. As unforgiving as we may be, society is also prone to unknowingly crucifying special needs victims.

In a recent interview on Accra FM with Bobbie-Ansah, Dr. Mary Awusi sought to raise the conversation with a suggestion that based on her experience in working with special needs patients; she suspects Dr. Bawumia may be Autistic. Autistic? That is definitely a big twist. What is her fortress? She referenced Dr. Bawumia’s worsening jittery body language when on the podium as though suffering a symptom of social anxiety.

One can also attest to his very high excitation levels at what is not particularly funny as well as unnecessary and deafening repetitions. Insider information alleges he has bouts of anger and throws tantrums at negligible provocation. Whether professionally verified or not, this heads-up alert by Dr. Mary Awusi significantly introduces a paradigm shift in the narrative either for or against.

Kofi Bentil’s admonition to “give a fair chance to Dr. Bawumia to become President” should be perused under the right optics.

Obviously, this is not our darling “know-it-all make-it-happen” whiz kid. A lot has changed since his appearance in 2008. What happened? How long ago? Shall we continue to judge him and extract equity the way we have done in the past? What could this mean for the fit and proper test for the presidency? Maybe he deserves our sympathy rather than our censorship.

Whether the gods are STILL not to blame, or it is the case of whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad requires a careful consideration.
Finally, and in quoting William B Yeats again… The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity.
Surely, some revelation is at hand;
Surely, the Second Coming is at hand.
The Second Coming!
Executive Director,
The 1957 Group.
© 15th May, 2024.

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