The Jaman North district census officer in the upcoming population and housing census Mr. Emmanuel Kwaku Twene has said that, the population and housing census which was rescheduled for 2021 due to the covid-19 is yet to begin, therefore Ghanaians must ensure they are counted by the census officers to ascertain development in their Communities.

Speaking in an interview, he asserted that, we should desist from politicisation of the program because, the purpose of the census is to know the total number of citizens in the country, region, district and the Communities to ensure that the needed form of developmental projects per the people in the community are provided.

He added that, it will have a great negative implications if the accurate data in a Community is not acquired hence all must make themselves available to be counted

He said this during the training activities organized for the census officers in the Jaman North district capital Sampa.

Mr. Nyantakyi Boateng who is also the District Field Supervisor in the Jaman North explained that, the exercise will begin on the 13th of June where the census officers will move from house to house for the numbering of buildings, asking questions about the number of people in the house which is known as listing of structures.

He added that, the 27th June is termed as the census night which is the reference point of the population and housing census where all the questions on the program will be asked. Therefore Ghanaians must ensure they are counted to ensure better development in their Communities.