The issues of neglect with regards to the Saglemi Affordable Housing Project has been a major concern to many and it is high time government converted the project into a National Rehabilitation And Technical/Vocational Centre to boost human resources and economic growth.

There are many mentally ill people roaming (wandering) around our streets and market places which when the necessary medical and psychological care is given will help rehabilitate them in order to accept them back into our society and also capable of fending for themselves and the nation.

There are many drug addicts in our ghettos and slums wasting away in all areas that the government must pay attention to, to harnessing their energies ,skills and talents to boosting the state of the economy.

Why don’t we make good use of that Saglemi Affordable Housing Project by camping and training these youth and rehabilitating them in order to get them back into the society to adding values to the economy since we are in crisis as a nation?.

Mental Health and Psychiatric personnels are ready to helpi in providing the needed psychological care as other experts will as well be helping in the Technical and Vocational training.

It is high time government thought outside the box to developing the country. If such a program and its corresponding policies are well outlined with no loopholes for corrupting the system, we shall as a country produce great tailors and seamstresses, Carpenters ,Masons, farmers , steel benders, and many others that will help building the socioeconomic growth of Ghana. State farms can be developed from such products to feeding the state.

Many prisoners can as well be brought to the centre for proper rehabilitation before being released into the society to avoid life difficulties that do meet them after prison stays.

I am by this article calling on all well established CSOs, the media, Stakeholders, government appointees, technical experts to adding their voices to this suggestions to making better uses of the Saglemi Affordable Housing Project.

It is possible with the right will and synergy. The borrowing is too much, we can create more revenue by rehabilitating our youth who are vulnerable and wasting away.

God bless our Homeland Ghana and make us great and strong


Bismark Kwabla Kpobi
(Concerned Citizen/ Mental Health/Psychiatric Nurse)

Contact: 0209001525, WhatsApp-0540824809



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