African Youth leaders convene in Accra to tackle unemployment challenges


The issue of high youth unemployment with its attendant security risks, has not escaped the attention of Governments, CSOs, State as well as non-State actors on the continent of Africa.

To address the situation, youth representatives from more than 15 African Countries gathered in Accra to proffer practicable solutions to the growing phenomenon of youth unemployment.

The forum looked at the multiple layers of youth unemployment and entrepreneurship, as well as developed strategies for nurturing a more sustainable, green and youth inclusive job market in Africa.

SNV Netherlands Development Organization, in partnership with the European Union, the Dutch Embassy in Accra and the Ministry of Employment and Labour relations organized the third edition of the Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship, YEE Global Forum under the theme: ‘building partnerships for inclusive and sustainable youth entrepreneurship and employment in green and emerging sectors’.

The forum brought together policy makers, international NGOs, youth groups and private sector actors in employment from about 15 African Countries to influence and contribute to the policy environment needed for job creation for the youth of Africa. It also initiated moves at employment to boost the circular economy in Ghana and Africa.

This is the third edition of the forum, with the first and second editions taking place in Mali and Ethiopia in 2019 and 2021.

The programme Manager for Employment and Education at the European Union Delegation to Ghana, Martha Brioni told GBCNEWS that the just ended forum unearthed the potentials of the youth to find jobs for themselves.

“We always say that unemployment is a youth issue in Africa but also in Ghana. And with this event we want to demonstrate that there’s not only unemployment issue in Ghana and Africa but there is also a big potential in the  youth, and we want to highlight the successes of the youth that are active in private sector and especially in the production of green and innovative products. objective of this meeting is to highlighting the potential of the youth that is active, is productive, that could inspire other young people that are looking for jobs ,that have idea and meet inspiration” Madam Brioni noted

The SNV Country Director for Ghana, Barbara Nkoala said the youth of Africa at this time need support to find their feet on the job market.

SNV Country Director for Ghana, Barbara Nkoala.

‘’SNV places youth employment and enterprise at the core of its work and has used unemployment  and entrepreneurship programs implemented in more than ten countries in Africa. The boost in green employment and enterprise opportunities in Ghana is one of our key projects that has and continuous to drive system transformation in partnership with other actors. The green project is a four-year programme implemented by the SNV and the UN Capital Development Fund in Ghana. Green is co -funded by the European Union and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ghana and the project aims to compliment the efforts of the European Union green deal by unlocking Africa’s potential towards a green and circular economy” Madam Nkoala said.

This year marks ten years since SNV started implementing the YEE approach, an integrated approach to address the different causes and dimensions of Youth Unemployment in Africa.