Calls to reduce Ghanaians addiction to sports betting intensified


Sports Betting has grown rapidly in the last decade with the increase, attributed to the high unemployment rate in the country. What is enticing most of them is the celebrity endorsement and the attractive potential wins.

Most Ghanaians have become so addicted to sports betting at the expense of their hard-earned income. Some people who are being taken care of, bet with what is given them for their up keep, that is “chop money”. Some students even spend their school fees on betting. 

The sport betting market in Ghana has seen tremendous growth in the last decade, to the point that Ghana is now rated as one of the biggest betting markets in Africa. Ghana is also said to be one of the fastest-growing sports betting nations in the world. Research indicates that, in late 2022, 41.7 percent of Ghanaians were involved in sports betting. Also, 74.17 percent of respondents in a survey in the report say, they bet on sports primarily to make money. In recent times, most of the youth have become addicted to sports betting to the extent that some end up losing their hard-earned income or their lives.

Sports journalist and analyst at the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation, GBC, Francis Agyare Owusu says betting in a way has served as an economic support for most people in the country. He added that despite its economic benefit, one is entreated to bet responsibly.

“Some people have their thoughts on betting, just because of how the economy is, but in current times i believe betting has helped a lot of people. Because, if you go on social media, you see a lot of people who are winning bets, but they stake it very high. And that is why the betting industry says you should bet responsibly. You have to bet what you can afford to loose and that is why they say bet responsibly. So those who are addictive to betting, it is because, sometimes they go against the laws”, he said.

Speaking to GBCNEWS, some people blame the addiction to betting on lack of available job opportunities for the youth. Some suggest the creation of more jobs in order for the youth to refrain from so much betting.

Others also suggest  government regulates betting to reduce the rate at which some individuals bet irresponsibly.