They began as a social media game but have since turned their online activities into businesses.

In recent months, the phrase “Celeb Look-Alike” has taken off like wildfire. Every famous person in Ghana appears to have a lookalike.

The likenesses of Kuami Eugene, King Promise, Medikal, and Mr. Drew stand out among these young men.

These guys have been posting videos in which they imitate their Look-Alikes in their various vocations and spheres of fame.

The individuals who resemble Mr. Drew, King Promise, Medikal, and Kuami Eugene have formed a group and have been active on social media the most recently.

They stated that their business is booming and that they are making enough money in a recent interview.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Halifax Ansah-Addo on Best Entertainment show on Okay FM, Kuami Eugene lookalike speaking on the behalf of the ‘Four Kings’ said they are not impersonating them to claim their names but to promote their music.

They called on the general public to be patient with them, adding that they have something special loading for their fans out there.

Clearing the air on song theft to make money, they said when they are invited for programs or go live on TikTok, they do their own songs but the organizers and viewers request they do the songs of their respective look-alikes.

And after entertaining them, they receive gifts in return. They further added that they are receiving a lot of love from the public which is fetching them some money.

Meanwhile, the group that calls themselves the ‘Four Kings’ said they are open to receiving applications from other look-alikes who wish to join them but they would have to pay a registration fee of Ghc 500 to join.

They also revealed that Fameye lookalike has already filled out his forms and is yet to officially join the team.

Adding his two cents, Socrates Sarfo educated the look-alikes on copyright issues.

He encouraged them to study copyright law which will guide them to do things in the right way to avoid being sued over copyright issues.