GhanaWeb’s investigations have shown that the lack of oxygen at the Tamale Teaching Hospital is causing an increase in the number of deaths.

According to examinations conducted at the teaching hospital, at least five patients who required oxygen support may have perished alone between Saturday, February 18, and Sunday, February 19.

The patients included those undergoing critical and emergency surgery who required immediate oxygen support.

On Sunday, an anonymous relative of one of the deceased told GhanaWeb that “my father needed oxygen support, he was in a critical condition, yet they kept telling us there was no oxygen.” As he struggled for breath, the elderly man passed away.

Another patient’s relative said that the doctors kept telling them that they, as doctors, had nothing to do with the situation because the hospital’s administration was to blame.

“My brother, despite the fact that the doctors are telling us there is no oxygen, we have cases requiring urgent, emergency, and critical surgery. Despite the fact that the hospital administration has acknowledged responsibility, they have not responded quickly.

“In the case of my brother, we were referred yesterday from Habanna Hospital with the indication that his surgery must be performed as soon as the ambulance takes us there, because “every minute counts,”” the doctor said. The patient’s relative stated, “He is still lying there, not done, it has been over 24 hours.”

GhanaWeb’s investigations revealed that the oxygen plant at the Tamale Teaching Hospital has been dysfunctional for some time, forcing the hospital to rely on a private supplier in town.

However, the supplier’s manufacturing facility has also been inactive for some time.

GhanaWeb was informed by a hospital source that the situation was troubling due to the high number of deaths at the TTH caused by oxygen-related issues.

Our source says that the death usually happened because there wasn’t enough oxygen in the mobile oxygen cylinders.

Here, numerous unnecessary deaths occur. He stated, “The deaths have typically been attributed to a lack of oxygen or oxygen-filled mobile oxygen cylinders.”

The hospital’s management has expressed regret for the inconvenience caused by the oxygen shortage.

On Monday, February 20, the hospital’s acting chief executive, Dr. Atiku Adam, issued a statement stating that management had implemented two intervention strategies to ensure the immediate supply of oxygen to the hospital by engaging the Tamale Central Hospital and increasing the capacity of the internal production unit.

It promised that sufficient oxygen levels would be available by Tuesday’s close of business.