As of Wednesday, February 1, 2023, some Oil Marketing Companies sold their gasoline at Gh15.25, up from the previous Gh13.60, and diesel at Gh15.90, up from the previous Gh15.52, according to a recent prediction made by the Institute of Energy Security, an energy think tank.

Following this development, Mr. Abas Ibrahim, the Public Relations Officer of the Ghana Private Road Transport Union, stated in an exclusive interview with High Morning Breeze that their organization has yet to release new lorry fares due to ongoing consultations and discussions.

Mr. Abas Ibrahim said that the insurance commission’s 30 percent policy increase, as well as an increase in the cost of car tires and spare parts, were some of the reasons they decided to raise truck fares. He said that fuel prices alone were not the cause of the increase.

Mr. Abas Ibrahim further authorized passengers to cause the arrest of any driver who by their own decisions increased their fares as a result of the fuel price increase since their unions have not formally introduced any new fares in connection to the new hikes in fuel prices.

He stressed that drivers are always unhappy with the continuous increase in prices of their fares, but that the economic conditions have made it so. As a result, he will plead with all passengers to exercise restraint because leaders of the GPRTU, other

He criticized a number of taxes and levies that are applied to fuel products and contribute to the persistent rise in fuel prices. He called for the complete elimination of these taxes and levies so that ordinary Ghanaian passengers could maintain improved living standards.