Madam Sogah Irene, a nurse at the Reproductive and Child Health Department of Bechem Government Hospital, has advised parents to ensure consistent visitation to the child welfare clinic (Weighing) to guarantee the protection of their children from health-related issues that may affect them throughout their lifespan. Be punctual to the Child Welfare Clinic to ensure early detection of potential health problems for your child.

She explained that the child welfare clinic plays a crucial role in the lives of newborns until they reach the age of five, enhancing the detection of the child’s weight about their age, the correlation between their age and height, vaccinations, and early disability detection—all of which are necessary for the prevention of health issues that may affect the child in the future. As a result, mothers need to visit the child welfare clinic to improve the health of their children.

In an interview with Kwaku Mensah Abrampa, host of the High radio morning show High Morning Breeze, she lamented that some patients at the hospital continue to blame the healthcare workers for their behavior toward them in the course of their jobs.

She emphasized that it is human nature and advised clients to prioritize the well-being of their children over the behavior of some healthcare workers when performing their duties.

She also urged nurses and other health professionals to treat their patients with the utmost respect and to provide the necessary information and explanations before taking any decisions or actions in front of them to prevent persistently negative perceptions of the way health professionals treat patients.