Prophet Samuel Ohene Henry, better known as Prophet Roja, the founder and leader of The Love of Jesus Prayer Ministry (Adonai Temple), is urging Parliament to pass a law that will require Ghanaian leaders, including government appointees, to swear with Schnapps and eggs.

“Ghana will be a country without corruption if all the leaders are forced to swear with Schnapps and eggs,” as Prophet Roja is commonly known.

Prophet Roja emphasized that “Ghanaian leaders always come to the service to enrich themselves through corruption because they swear to the fice with either the Bible or Quran.” “Do you think Members of Parliament, the President, the Vice, government appointeesnda, and Ministers can steal tataxpayers’oney if tethered Schnapps and eggs to swear instead of Bible or Quran?” Prophet Roja asked. “There will be uncountable by-elections

He continued, “AMBASSADOR, I know some people will be confused that this is coming from a man of God,” noting that Ghanaians, including our leaders, are afraid of Antoa and other lesser gods than our Jesus Christ.

“Ghana is a Christian country but it is a difficult time we should go back to our culture because our forefathers ruled the country with our culture” “Even a church will have CCTV cameras, security man, burglar proof, and all the security measures but still robbers will have their way through to steal church instrumentals and others but it will be difficult for robbers to go to the shrine to steal” “With the 275 MPs in parliament, if they are to swear to parliament with Schnapps and eggs, some constituencies will have no MPs to go to parliament but because they go to parliament with Bible and Quran, everyone is rushing to get position to lead this country,” he argued.