I didn’t threaten him; rather, he reported me to the party because we had reached an agreement and the company had agreed to pay him


An alleged threat against his party’s Regional Organizer Charles Taleog Ndanbon, who also serves as the Managing Director (MD) of a registered mining company called Yenyeya Mining Enterprise and is based in Gbene, a community in the Talensi District of the Upper East Region, has been denied by Upper East Regional Minister Stephen Yakubu.

During a conversation on Friday, January 27, 2023, with Ngamegbulam Chidozie Stephen of Apexnewsgh.com, the Regional Minister denied the alleged threat.

The Hon. Managing Director of Yenyeya Mining Enterprise took part in another activity. Charles T. Ndanbon has expressed some dissatisfaction regarding what he described as Minister Stephen Yakubu’s threat. He said that The Minister had warned him not to go back to his mining site again and said that if he insisted, he would let the military and police arrest him. A danger, Hon. Ndanbon thought it was very absurd.

In the meantime, when this platform inquired about the alleged threat, the Minister responded, ” I didn’t threaten him; rather, he brought me to the party because we had reached an agreement and the company had agreed to pay him, and he thought I was wasting his time waiting for them to do so. I can demonstrate this because I have communication with Charles and told him. I am not holding the money in my pocket to be given to him, even though the company that is arranging to pay him has stated that they will do so, and Charles has always been on me about that.

“In point of fact, they gave them six months to pay them the money because they agreed that they were going to accept this offer that the company should pay them and Earl International stated that they would pay them within six months. Charles even took me to the regional party executive within these six months.

We sat down to discuss the situation when he took me there, and I explained to them that this is what we had done up until that point, and the company has stated that they will pay within a certain amount of time. As a result, I have not received the money to give to Charles. Naturally, the business had already paid some money, but they said they weren’t happy with it, so they negotiated for more, and the money is still there. Therefore, since he is aware that this is his money, he can come get it if he so desires. He can go get it and sit around while the other one gets paid.

He went on to say, “After we talked about this, when we left, Charles got his lawyer and wrote to me saying he only has one month to get paid by the company.” I am merely a facilitator; neither the company nor the mineral commission fall under my purview. I informed him that the one month you have given me to complete this task was not agreed upon. Therefore, we scheduled a meeting that day, with his lawyer, Charles, and the Mineral Commission present to examine the matter. We have to be telling the truth in this world. So, what will I do right now? I’m just helping my neighbors in the region get what they agreed upon; I’m not the company. The Regional Minister explained that, despite his best efforts, Hon. “That was my conversation with Charles, and the next minute Charles went round and said he didn’t ask me to go and negotiate on his behalf. Ndanbon reported him across the country to some of the party’s big men. So, how is he putting so much pressure on me if you didn’t ask me to go negotiate on his behalf? He went to Bugre Naabu; call Bugre Naabu and inquire about him. He then went to Alhaji Sulemana Yirimea, who is a member of the Council of State. He took me to a number of places as if I were the one who is refusing to pay him. Hon. The Regional Minister regrets Charles Ndanbon has consented to respond shortly.