A youth group called Meehibug Youth Association (MYA), which is located in Meehiboug, a suburb of Zanlerigu in the Nabdam District of the Upper East Region has issued a call to action to the general public to support the association’s annual inter-community football gala competition.

During the awards ceremony for the thirteenth annual inter-community gala competition, which took place on Sunday at the Gundork JHS park, the group made this appeal.

The group asserted that the association’s goal of putting on a more inclusive tournament has been undermined by the absence of sponsorship for the event.

“Mr. Chairman, over the years, we have always intended to organize a football gala that is more inclusive and engaging, but the lack of sponsors for our course has prevented this from happening; We typically accomplish this by contributing over time.

“Mr. Chairman, we appeal to you, the able members of your high table, and the general public to help us acquire sponsors for our annual football gala. Eric Dok Tambire stated, “We would be knocking on your door for your guidance in obtaining sponsors for our gala.” On behalf of Solomon Caribbean, the president of the association, Mr. Tambire read the speech.

According to Mr. Dok, the annual competition’s purpose “was borne out of the need to team up as youth for unity and development.”

He mentioned that the association has been very successful in that regard, but that the association’s lack of sponsorship has prevented it from realizing its vision of becoming the region’s gala hub.

The competition, which ran from January 4 to January 7, was in its thirteenth year; with twelve teams vying for dominance.

Telugu took home two sets of jerseys, a football, a trophy, and GHC 500.00 as the gala’s champions. Tindongo United, a Damol-Tindongo-based team, came in second place. They were given a ball, a set of jerseys, and GHC 300.00. Kotintabig community won GHC 200.00 as it was ranked third.

Source: A1 Radio