The People’s National Convention (PNC) has once again been hit by internal wrangling as the party plans to roll out its re-organisation programme towards the 2024 election.

At the centre of the wrangling are old foes — the PNC’s National Chairman, Moses Dani Baah, and the General Secretary, Janet Asana Nabla.

While a group led by Mr Dani Baah has requested the Electoral Commission (EC) not to supervise internal elections announced by Ms Nabla, another group led by Ms Nabla has written to the EC not to deal with the national chairman.

The latter group claims Mr Dani Baah has been dismissed from the party, but the former insists Ms Nabla has no locus to organise internal elections in the party.

The party was expected to roll out the timetable for its internal elections as parts of its re-organisation efforts towards the 2024 general election, but with the new development, it seems such plans could be in disarray.

EC’s letter

Following the leadership crisis, the EC has suspended all engagements with the ‘Nkrumahist’ party.

A letter dated November 7, 2022 and signed by the Deputy Chairman in charge of Operations at the EC, Samuel Tettey, said the commission would not deal with the party unless it put its house in order.

“I wish to inform you that the commission has decided to suspend all engagements with your party until the leadership crisis is resolved,” it stated.

Counter letter

Ms Nabla called on the election management body to stop dealing with Mr Dani Baah and the 2020 Presidential Candidate of the party, David Apasera, on the basis that the two had allegedly been dismissed from the party.

The letter dated November 11, 2022 and sighted by the Daily Graphic said the PNC was highly dissatisfied by the EC not to engage with the party.

“The duo took the PNC to court after they were suspended. The court directed them back to the party to seek redress. The party used its appropriate constitutional provisions (Article 14 (1a) and (1b)) in particular to finally dismiss them.

“It is our belief that the commission will immediately reverse its decision, taking into consideration the evidence provided,” Ms Nabla said.


The National Executive Committee (NEC) of the PNC in September 2021 was said to have dismissed Messrs Apasera and Dani Baah.

It followed complaints of alleged financial malfeasance and misconduct levelled against the two high-ranking officials of the party.

A communique issued by the party after its NEC meeting in Kumasi on Tuesday, September 7 asked its Greater Accra Regional Chairman, Bala Saliu Maikankan, to temporarily act as Chairman and leader of the party.

Prior to the dismissal of Messrs Apasera and Dani Baah, another faction in the party was said to have suspended Ms Nabla as General Secretary.

The NEC, during its meeting in September 2021, reinstated Ms Nabla.