We fight for a good cause – Vandals


Residents of Commonwealth Hall at the University of Ghana (UG), popularly known as Vandals, have vehemently denied claims made by a section of the public that they are violent in nature as a result of some violent clashes in which members of the hall were involved.

According to the Vandals, they are not the initiators of the violent clashes that usually occur between members of other halls of residence on the campus of the University of Ghana.

The vandals were contributing to a discussion on GTV’s Breakfast Show, “Understanding the Vandal Culture,” on Wednesday, November 16, 2022.

They called on the University authorities to find the root causes of the violent clashes between some vandals and other students on the campuses of Ghana’s Premier University.

JCR President of Commonwealth Hall, Mr. Paul Anim Inkoom, explained that Vandals are calculated in their approach with dealing with issues.

Mr. Inkoom said it is high time stakeholders, management, and students’ leadership sit at the roundtable to dialogue and do broader consultations to find out the cause of clashes on Campus.

“We fight for a just cause. Our Motto, ‘Truth Stands’ explains the reasons we act and behave in such a manner,” the JCR President posited.

The JCR Vice President, Mr. Bright Gati in his submission maintained that students of Commonwealth Hall are very unique and smart.

“If you look around the country, one would be noticed that vandals are seen in positions of trust, which is ample testimony that vandals are unique, smart, and have great leadership qualities,” Mr. Gati observed.

On his part, the JCR Chief of Staff, Mr. Alfred Acquah, reiterated that vandals are not chaotic people, saying “we are people of love; we love and cherish each and every student in the various Halls of the University, as well as each and every person in the University community.

Commonwealth Hall is the most peaceful place within the University enclave. We are peaceful people because we cherish peace a lot, according to the JCR Chief of Staff.

The Commonwealth Hall was officially opened in March 1957 under the motto “Truth Stands.”

Commonwealth Hall prides itself on being the first and only male hall at the University of Ghana, Legon.

Residents of Commonwealth Hall are known as VANDALS, an acronym for VIVACIOUS, AFFABLE, NEIGHBORLY, DEVOTED, ALTRUISTIC, and LOYAL.

Residents address each other as V-MATES and the popular response is SHARP.

Commonwealth Hall is said to be the only Hall on the UG campus that upholds customs and traditions. VANDALS are said to be arguably the voice of the entire student body.

VANDALS are known to have exceptional leadership qualities and are United.