Sex during pregnancy hastens labour – Midwife


A senior midwifery officer at the Tema Health Centre, Mrs. Ruby Naa Ago Larbi Mensah Ansah-Tagoe, has revealed that sex during pregnancy tends to hasten labour because the human semen contains prostaglandin.

Upon answering the question concerning the encouragement of intimacy during pregnancy, she said, “we encourage sex during pregnancy only after the doctor has confirmed that there’s nothing wrong with your cervix, both internal and external”.

“When you’re pregnant, nothing has changed about you except that you’re pregnant. You can have your normal sex routine, maybe three times a week without any problems, especially from 7 months going should be the time when pregnant women are encouraged to have more sex because the semen has prostaglandin in it.”

The midwife made this assertion on GTV’s breakfast show on Tuesday, September 6.

She explained that the prostaglandin softens the uterus, which helps the pregnant woman to easily deliver when she’s in labour.

“The prostaglandin softens the uterus and helps the woman to dilate easily when it’s time for her to have a baby. Having sex hastens labour and the baby actually comes earlier than usual, and the pain normally even comes down. Before your menses, that week, you have sex, and when the menses comes, you won’t feel any pain. It’s just closer to labour. It even eases the pain for you when you do that.”