Pupils at St Nicholas Primary at Laakpale in Tatale-Sanguli District cry for help


While pupils at some schools are studying under air-conditioners and fans in the urban areas, pupils of Lakpaale St Nicholas Primary are not asking much, but chairs and tables to make their studies comfortable.

No single student with a pupil population of 220 has a chair or table and therefore makes do on the floor, a situation that impedes their orderly progress.

Apart from that, they also lack basic educational materials such as reading and exercise books, stationaries, and school uniforms.

St. Nicholas R/C primary school is located in a community called Laakpale in the Tatale-Sanguli district of the northern region.

Laakpale is a farming community situated south of Tatale the district capital and has about five sub-communities, with an estimated population of about 1,600 habitants.

It is about 39kilometres from the district capital, Tatale.

Speaking to our source on the plight of the pupils, Mr. Kpachin Abdulai Ibrahim, Executive Director of the People’s Hope Africa, a non-profit Organisation described their situation as worrying.

He said as the future of every nation depended on child education, The People’s Hope Foundation Africa (TPHFA), in partnership with National Consortium for Voluntary Organizations (NCOV), was taking it upon themselves to help provide them with the needed educational materials but has limited resources.

Mr. Ibrahim pleaded with all religious groups, corporate institutions, and private organizations to support the school with basic amenities that would spur them on.