The Oti Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Evans Yaw Daapah has reacted to the just ended #Fix the country demonstration as part of NDC propaganda agenda.

Responding to some personalities who took part in the demonstration including Captain Smart a renaud broadcast and controversial journalist at Media General “ONUA TV” the chairman hinted Smart is a stomach journalist.

According to him, Smart could have requested an offer from the NPP government that was denied, and have descend his anger on President and his Vice. ” Captain Smart is a stomach journalist excuse me, maybe he went and pleaded for something that he never gets and that’s making him get angry with the government. What Captain Smart is doing if you’re a journalist that indeed respect yourself you will not behave asearch”

Comparing free education to his days in the junior high, the chairman said most of his mates including him could have been professors by now if they had gotten that opportunity of free education.

Mr Evans Daapah in an interview with Oti base Radio Safari, he agreed with the concerns of the #FIX THE COUNTRY demonstrators that, it’s mismanagement from the previous John Mahama government that the youth are calling president Akuffu Addo to fix. He said Kaaka the late Ejura fix the country campaigner was not attacking the president but instead encouraging the president to fix what he took from NDC under Mahama.

” If former president Mahama had fix the problem like by now will someone tell president Akkufu Addo to fix the problem, so it tells you that there was something wrong with the previous government and the youth are calling for fixing”

The Oti regional NPP chairman, Evans Yaw Daapah said, he wonder what former president Mahama is staging to come back but according to him, the problems are gradually on process of solving and he believes president Nana Addo can fix the country