SaWF calls for partners for Breast Cancer Awareness project


A few years back, the leading causes of death in Ghana and other developing countries were infectious diseases with Malaria and Gastrointestinal diseases topping the chart. However, the trend has completely changed. Ghana now battles with both infectious and chronic diseases. 

New statistics from the Global Cancer Incidence, Mortality and Prevalence (GLOBOCAN), a global cancer federation, has reported an alarming 100% increase in breast cancer cases in Ghana in the year 2018 – the number of breast cancer cases had increased from 2,000 cases recorded annually a few years back, to 4,650 cases annually. 

Looking at these alarming statistics, there is an urgent need to put in place interventions to mitigate this problem and one of the most effective interventions is early detection and early treatment, hence the need for public education and breast screening in all communities.

Considering the case fatality rate associated with breast cancer in Ghana, we seek to organize screening and health education on breast cancer in the Cape Coast Metropolis.  

Project Goals 

Completion of this project will further our overarching objectives, including health promotion. The project will also accomplish these additional goals: Intensifying Disease awareness and promoting early disease detection and treatment.

The former is a renowned educational institution in Cape Coast and the latter two are surrounding communities of the University of Cape Coast, Central  Region.  

According to the Project Director, the SaWF Breast Cancer Awareness project which is scheduled to take place in October 2022 over a  week’s period, will include the following strategies: 

i. Health education on breast cancer at three places namely OLA College of  Education, Kwaprow, and Amamoma.  

ii. Breast screening at the aforementioned locations. The estimated minimum number of people to be screened is 150. 

APPEAL: SaWF Breast Cancer Awareness project requires the support of your generous benefactors in order to move forward.

We believe that SaWF Breast Cancer Awareness project is a worthy cause that will do a  great deal of good for many people and we are excited to partner with you to make this  project a reality. Should you have any questions, or wish to discuss this project further, please  reach out to our project director: