Support our local farmers to produce what we love to eat – Comfort Kyerewaa Acheampong appeals to Govt, Banks and other agencies


The Chairperson for Chick4Chicks program, Madam Comfort Kyerewaa Acheampong, has observed that the influx of frozen chicken into the country is really alarming.

However, she revealed that it’s not because our local farmers are are not capable of producing for the Ghanaian population to consume, rather, it was somebody’s idea of finding market and upon realizing that Ghana was interested, the practice begun.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with after the official launching of the 2021 edition of Chick4Chicks, she recounted that from time immemorial, Ghanaians were eating full chicken, but due to changes in people’s situations, as well as their lifestyles, their eating habits have also changed. She blamed this on some Ghanaians who traveled outside the country and subsequently introduced it into the country.

Madam Comfort Kyerewaa Acheampong was joined by Chick4Chicks 2021 participants to cut her birthday cake to climax the launch

Madam Comfort Kyerewaa Acheampong who is also the Coordinator of the Ghana National Eggs Campaign Secretariat, also revealed that during the 1970s, 80s through to the 90s, frozen chicken were used in preparing feed for pets such as dogs, cats, etc. According to her, the Europeans were not eating them, but then when they found out that Africans are interested in hard chicken, they started bringing them in even including the parts.

According to her, there are certain type of birds called grandparents, which are used to cross the female layers to get the fertilized eggs. These grand layers can grow so heavy and their meat is so fibrous that the white man will not eat it.

Again, she reiterated that Ghanaian farmers have the capacity to produce to meet the needs of the population of Ghana as far as the demand for poultry products is concerned.

However, due to the fact that the cost of production in Ghana is so high, they are not able to compete with the prices of the frozen chicken that are imported into the country.

She added that presently, it costs the Ghanaian poultry farmer about GHC20.00 to GHC30.00 to produce a kilo bird, meanwhile a kilo of frozen chicken parts in Ghana is only GHC10.00. A situation that has resulted in many people opting for the imported frozen chicken, particularly, taken into consideration the level of poverty in the country.

In her view, Madam Comfort Kyerewaa Acheampong argued that if farmers are given the right opportunities and financial support, it will go a long way to help deal with the problem.

She therefore called on the Government as well as the Banks and other financial institutions to support the Ghana National Association of Poultry Farmers to produce what we would love to eat.

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