Nelson Jones, Acting Director of Public Affair, Ghana Tourism Authority,

As part of efforts towards improving the operations of businesses within the tourism industry, the Ghana Tourism Authority says plans are underway to address the issue of multiple payments of levies.

Some stakeholders have described the situation as a nuisance and are calling on the authority to streamline payment processes.

The Ghana Tourism Authority says it is working to address these concerns.

Acting Director of Public Affair, at the Authority, Nelson Jones, says he is hopeful that a solution will be found soon.

“We have met them several times with regard to these levies. Currently, we’ve sent some letters to the Ministry of Finance, Ghana Revenue Authority and at the top level its being worked on. We understand and we empathise with them.”

Businesses in the hospitality industry are required to pay about 13 taxes and levies. They include property rates, business operating permits, Environmental Protection Agency Permits and many others.

The process, according to some of these businesses, is very inconveniencing.

The Ghana Hotels Association had some time ago called for a single-window platform for the payment of all these financial obligations.

Dr Edward Ackah-Nyamike

President of the Association, Dr Edward Ackah-Nyamike, who made the call in an interview with Citi Business News said the current duplication of processes was tiresome for his members.

“We’ve been saying that, is it possible for us to bring all these different institutions at least under the Ghana Tourism Authority which is our primary regulator. So that we don’t have different agencies visiting the hotels at the same time. Sometimes it can be very embarrassing. So, we have been saying that they should find a way to capture all these different regulatory bodies under one umbrella”.