chairman of the Odododiodio Constituency, Honourable Paul Nii Obli Laryea

The chairman of the Odododiodio Constituency, Honourable Paul Nii Obli Laryea says that even though they have started preparations towards the 2020 elections no one has adopted a branch within the constituency yet.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with, Honourable Paul Nii Obli Laryea observed that funding is the main challenge that the constituency is facing because majority of the constituents are poor so they are not able to pay dues to the party adding that is not their fault because the cost of living have become so hard for all Ghanaians except NPP officials and other Government appointees”.

He therefore called on other members of the party who are not in the constituency to adopt the Constituency as well as the various Branches within the constituency.

He said because the NPP candidate had already started sharing money from house to house to its members, it is important to reach out the people in order to educate them so that they will not fall for their deceit and the agenda to buy their votes.

“The NPP had not given them money from 2017 to 2019 so if they are giving out money now in 2020, it shows how desperate they are. But the people are not going to fall for that because they know that they will not give them money everyday for the four more years that Bannerman wants to be MP. What the people need is good governance and competent leadership and their lives will be better.”

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The Constituency organizer Hon. Nii Okai Botchway called on all members as well as the rank and file of the NDC as well as the general public to get on board in order to secure the Odododiodio constituency in 2020 because the NPP is moving everywhere to make sure that they get the seat.

He said even though the big wigs in the constituency have left the work on the executives and MP at the moment, he is sure that the situation will change very soon.

He indicated that the party will not entertain people who are not ready to work but are the first people running for positions whenever the party comes into power. “We are not going to allow anybody after 2021 when we come into power for people to come and take positions. It is not about whom you know.”


Recently the NDC launched a fundraising campaign to enable it mobilise funding to implement its 2020 campaign strategies. The initiative which was launched by H.E. Former President John Dramani Mahama at the Trade Fair Centre, La in Accra had an E-Platform component as well as the Adopt A Branch and Adopt a Constituency component which required members who have the financial ability to identify a specific branch or constituency in order to support it by means of logistics and funding.