Dismissed NPP leader chased out of executives meeting


    Emmanuel Nvojo, who has been sacked as Communications Director of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in Jomoro Constituency of Western Region, got the shock of his life when he was chased out of the party’s executives meeting.

    Information indicates that he was not allowed to sit in a meeting organised by the General Secretary of the party, John Boadu to deliberate on issues about the party.

    The NPP scribe has been touring the sixteen (16) regions of the country to encourage the party faithful, MMDCEs and MPs to support the upcoming December 17 national Referendum.

    According to information obtained by m, John Boadu met the NPP members in Western Region at Hotel De Hilda in Tarkwa on Wednesday, October 30, 2019.

    Those party members who had the opportunity to meet the General Secretary included; Constituency Executives in all the seventeen (17) Constituencies in the region, all MMDCEs, MPs belonging to the party in the region.

    But, in the case of the Jomoro Constituency, the sacked executive was prevented from taking part in the meeting.

    It would be recalled that the Constituency Executive Committee of the party in Jomoro issued a statement to revoke the appointment of their Communications Director for showing abysmal performance.

    They issued the statement on 14th October, 2019 and copied the Regional Executive Committee.

    But, the Regional Executive Committee in a response dated 22nd October, signed by it is Regional Secretary, Charles Cromwell Nanabanyin Onuawonto Bissue disapproved their letter of sacking the Communications Director.

    The Regional Executive Committee, therefore, directed the Jomoro Executive Committee to reinstate their Communications Director with an immediate effect.

    “Following the tension prevailing in your Constituency, the Regional Hierarchy set up a Committee headed by the Regional Organizer to look into the matter, we are sure you are well aware that the Committee is yet to complete the task bestowed on it, and so taking these decisions do not augur well towards the peaceful resolution of the current impasse. This action of yours would not inure to the benefit of the party, with regards to the promotion of peace for the unity in the party”, the Regional Executive Committee letter had read.

    “The Regional hierarchy thus, direct that any decision taken by you, as stated in your letter is moot and therefore rendered null and void. You are further directed to reinstate the Nvojo (Communications Officer) with immediate effect”, the letter added.

    The Jomoro Constituency Executive Committee responded quickly and also disapproved the Regional Executive Committee directive to reinstate their Communications Director.

    “Our decision has nothing to do with the ongoing impasse as you sort to establish but on the reason of restructuring the Communication unit which has been ineffective over some time now. Therefore, our decision cannot be said to have an impact on the said Committee work”, their reply read.

    “We still stand by our earlier position that, Emmanuel Nvojo has been ineffective and unreliable in performing his functions as Communication Officer and that he cannot continue to hold the position, hence our decision to revoke his appointment cannot be declared as moot, null and void”, they emphasized.

    They contended that the decision taken by the Regional Executive Committee was an affront to their Party’s Constitution.

    “In conclusion, the Constituency Executive Committee respectfully cannot oblige to this directive since it amounts to undermining the constitutional functions of the Executive Committee”, they stated.

    Some members of the party thought the issue could be resolved and allowed the sacked Communications Director to take his position and work, but the Constituency Executive Committee proved to the Regional Executive Committee that they have powers to operate independently.

    To the surprise of the Constituency Executive Committee, they saw their sacked Communications Director sitting in the meeting and they quickly reported him to the General Secretary to sack him from the meeting because he was no more their Communications Director.

    The General Secretary listened to the issue raised by the Constituency Executive Committee and directed the Western Regional Organiser to ask the sacked Constituency Communications Director to leave the meeting.

    The sacked Constituency Communications Director didn’t fathom why he had to leave, but adhered to the General Secretary’s directive.

    Speaking to the Deputy Constituency Secretary of the party, Mr. Paul Ackah, he confirmed to MyNewsGh.com that they didn’t allow the sacked Constituency Communications Director to sit in the meeting.

    He said when they were going for the meeting, they didn’t inform their sacked Director about the meeting because, he was no more a member of Constituency Executives, but said “We were shocked to see him in the meeting, so we complained to the General Secretary to sack him from the meeting because we have already revoked his appointment as our Constituency Communications Director, so he doesn’t have any powers to attend such meetings as in the capacity of our Communications Director”.

    He added that “The Regional Executives didn’t agree with us and we insisted that we have sacked him and we can’t work with him again as a Communications Director, so the General Secretary met us, the Regional Chairman and Regional Organiser, over the matter, but we didn’t agree with the Regional Executives and the General Secretary asked the Regional Organiser to tell the sacked Constituency Communications Director to excuse them from the meeting.

    The General Secretary said the Regional Executives can meet us later and resolve the matter amicably”.

    He stated, “The sacked Constituency Communications Director was not allowed to sit in the meeting, so if you have heard it that he was sacked from the meeting, it is true”.

    He concluded that “We reaffirmed our decision to John Boadu that we cannot work with Emmanuel Nvojo as our Constituency Communications Director”.

    Some Communicators from the opposition political parties in the area have however described the incident as a total embarrassment.

    In place of Emmanuel Nvojo, the party in the Constituency has appointed one Luis Arde as their Acting Communications Director going into the 2020 general elections.