Peter Nana Asiedu, one of the aspirants seeking to contest the 2020 parliamentary elections in the Bortianor Ngleshie Amanfro Constituency has called on the NDC to rally behind him for the unity of the party.

After successfully making it through the vetting process at around 12miday on Friday, he said he was confident that he will win the race because he has what it takes. He will be number five on the ballot paper come August 24th.

According to Peter Nana Asiedu, since the number five represents unity, he is going to be the one that will unify the party and make it ready for battle for victory on 7th December, 2020.

Interacting with some of the people who followed him to the venue, we gathered that he has a lot of support from the youth and also the women who had followed him in their numbers to give him moral support at the vetting.

Speaking with some of his followers in Bortianor, they said Peter Nana Asiedu is the only aspirant who understand their needs in the constituency. Some shared personal testimonies of his kindness and humility. He has been the man of the people in the whole constituency. “He is a man of humility and anytime you approach him with any problem, he will make sure that the problem is solved, he has really supported us in this area’ Joseph Ampah said.

Madam Vivian Addo, a member of the party and a resident of Bortianor, described Peter Nana Asiedu as a man of peace and that she had known him for a very long time and in her opinion will be the best person to represent them in parliament.

She therefore called on all the delegates to let their interests be second to the interest of the entire people of Bortianor and its surrounding communities. They should not be interested in only the money but rather vote for the person that the majority of the people prefer.

“Any move or attempt to impose anyone on the constituents as our Member of Parliament will be a recipe for defeat, that will spell doom for us in 2020, in fact it will backfire” she added.

Some of the traders we spoke to around the coastal beaches of Bortianor, said they had been listening to all the aspirants but the one that they will vote for is Peter Nana Asiedu because he has been consistent with his message. “He is our man because he understands our needs. He has been with us for some time now and his plans for the area shows that he knows exactly what our needs are and he will tackle them one after the other” Auntie Adjeley said.

Peter Nana Asiedu has pledged to tackle issues of unemployment, sanitation, health and roads in the Bortianor Ngleshie Constituency when given the chance to represent them in Parliament.