I, Rabbi Segbene by ancestry, i’m a Hebrew and my ancestors lived in Judea which became Palestine about two thousand years ago.

Our genealogy was kept until today and I am the 97th descendant of Adam. My great Ancestor was Jehoahaz, whose father of Josiah.

Preserved Statue of Segbene’s 48th Jewish Ancestor Yuya Ater, Son of Jehoahaz born in Egypt 609BC

Jehoahaz my ancestor was made king in Judea for only three Months in Jerusalem and Pharaoh Nechoh II of Egypt took him to Egypt and there he died but his wife who was then pregnant gave birth to a son called Yuya Ater whiles in Egypt.

This name Yuya given to him after the death of his father Jehoahaz was a name Egyptians gave to our great ancestor Joseph many years before, he who was son of Jacob , son of Isaac, but brother of Esau as you read in the bible.

This Yuya Ater, son of Jehoahaz was raised and brought up in Egypt, married a hebrew, and had a son called Takla Shallum Katsui in egypt who was the 48th descendant of Adam.

The genealogy continued until Abayi Abbasi – 59th descendant of Adam, gave birth to Yasha Athronges simeon who became strong in Judea and was crowned as king by the Jews in Jerusalem in 6 AD, two thousand thirteen years ago.

Afterwards the Romans pursued and killed him, and his body was not found thereafter.

He had a son called Xenodzi korsu, who also married a hebrew female called Abia and they travelled to Egypt from Jerusalem.

In our story, the union Abia and Xenodzi Korsu, produced a son called Huvi Korsu who was the 62nd descendant of Adam, also a great Jewish mystical Cabalist.

Later after the last siege of Jerusalem in 135AD, there arose was much persecution of the Jews in Jerusalem even unto Egypt also, and my ancestors migrated to Sudan and stayed at a place that is now called Khartuom.

Later my people migrated from Sudan to a place today called Lamy in Chad until they settled at Oyo in Nigeria in the 10th century CE.

It must be noted that most of our young ones remained in Palestine.

My people after centuries of staying at Oyo in Nigeria, migrated to Dahomey and later to Togo.

Finally, they settled at the eastern part of Gold Coast now called Ghana in the 17th century.
They settled at KLIKOR in the Volta Region of Ghana.

History of Rabbi Segbene’s ancestor Jehoahaz:

Jehoahaz of Judah

Not to be confused with Ahaziah of Judah, who is referred to as Jehoahaz in 2 Chronicles.

Jehoahaz (Hebrew: יְהוֹאָחָז, Yehoaḥaz, “Yahweh has held”; Greek: Ιωαχαζ Iōakhaz; Latin: Joachaz) was king of Judah (3 months in 609 BC) and the fourth son of king Josiah whom he succeeded.
His mother was Hamautal, daughter of Jeremiah of Libnah. He was born in 633/632 BC and his birth name was Shallum.
1 Chronicles 3:15

Jehoahaz ~ King of Judah Reign~ 609 BC
Predecessor ~ Josiah Successor ~Jehoiakim
House of David


In the spring or early summer of 609 BC, Necho II began his first campaign against Babylon, in aid of the Assyrians. He moved his forces along the coastal route Via Maris towards Syria, along the low tracts of Philistia and Sharon and prepared to cross the ridge of hills which shuts in the Jezreel Valley on the south. There he found his passage blocked at Megiddo by the Judean army led by Josiah, who sided with the Babylonians. After a fierce battle Josiah was killed. The Assyrians and their allies the Egyptians fought the Babylonians atHarran. The Babylonian Chronicle dates the battle from Tammuz (July–August) to Elul (August–September) of 609 BC. Josiah was therefore killed in the month of Tammuz, 609 BC, or the month prior, when the Egyptians were on their way to Harran.
Chronological considerations related to his successor limit the month in which Josiah was killed and Jehoahaz took the throne to Tammuz.


Although he was two years younger than his brother, Eliakim, he was elected to succeed his father on the throne at the age of twenty-three, under the name Jehoahaz. This fact attests the popularity of the young man, and probably also his political affiliations or policy, as being in line with those of his father. He reigned for only three months, before being deposed by the Egyptian Pharaoh Necho II and taken into Egyptian captivity. 2 Kings 23:31-34

Johoahaz’s reign was in 609 BC, making his birth in 633/632 BC.

Necho II deposes Jehoahaz

After the failed siege of Harran, Necho left a sizable force behind, but returned himself to Egypt. On his return march, he found that the Judeans had selected Jehoahaz to succeed his father Josiah. Necho brought Jehoahaz to Riblah and imprisoned him there. He then deposed Jehoahaz and replaced with his older brother Eliakim as king, changing his name to Jehoiakim. Jehoahaz had ruled for three months. Necho brought Jehoahaz back to Egypt as his prisoner, where Jehoahaz ended his days.
2 Kings 23:34

Jehoahaz of Judah

Yuya Ater, Son of Jehoahaz

Two thousand six hundred and Twenty Eight (2,628) years ago, in the year 609BC, Segbene’s Jewish ancestor Jehoahaz, was make King in jerusalem, sitting on King David’s Throne. Today, Rabbi Segbene, the 97th descendant from Adam, says Israel will not find its true Messiah, unless it merges once again with his Jewish Family here in Ghana, West Africa, because they possess the real Jewish Dynasty Scepter, the Urim and Thummim and the Golden mystical cabalistic Booklet of King David, without which No true Jewish Dynasty shall be raised in todays Israel.



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