Corruption fight: All crooked deals are masterminded at Jubilee House – Franklin Cudjoe

Franklin Cudjoe

The President of IMANI Africa, Franklin Cudjoe, has suggested that the fight against corruption must start from the Presidency because that is where all corrupt and crooked deals are cooked.

Suggesting ways to win the fight against corruption on The Big Issue on Citi FM, on Saturday, May 18, Franklin Cudjoe told Selorm Adonoo that the creation of the Office of the Special Prosecutor in Ghana’s corruption fight was a defeatist approach.

He enumerated a couple of corruption instances that occurred within the confines of the Presidency which he said makes the fight against the canker difficult and challenging to tackle.

“Charity begins at home, and so fighting corruption should start at the Presidency because that is where all the crooked things are cooked. Look at the Scholarship Secretariat scandal; is it not from there? This Ministry of Special Initiatives, was it not harboured at the Presidency, which led to all these dams that were constructed like dugouts and wasted money all over the place. Just take a cursory look at that office.

“So, even creating the Office of the Special Prosecutor was like battling after the facts were established, and people with deep pockets will fight you because they have made enough money to fight you through. We at IMANI say that fighting corruption and waste begins at the Presidency.”

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The Member of Parliament for Buem, Kofi Adams, has disclosed that the government could only account for $42 million out of the total $200 million loan procured for the implementation of the Greater Accra Resilient and Integrated Development Project (GARID).

The former National Democratic Congress’ (NDC) National Organiser, in explaining to Selorm Adonoo on The Big Issue on Citi FM and Citi TV the reasons for the Minority’s walkout of Parliament on Friday, May 17, said the Caucus did not want to be a party to the approval of a further $150 million meant for the GARID project.

“We thought you had taken $200 million but nothing has come out of it and you took a portion of it, claiming that per the arrangements that you had with the World Bank, you could use some part of that facility to support COVID-19 and COVID-19 funds too, you have not accounted for them. Continue reading >>> here >>>>

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