Renaming Kumasi International Airport – Baba Iddrisu sets the records straight


May Lightening, Thunder and Brimstone consume all those who are involved in TWISTING the facts about the John Mahama’s sponsored Kumasi Airport. May they never know peace in life and the afterlife.

Don’t let any NPP liars, propagandists and apparatchiks deceive you about the Kumasi International Airport now, Nana Agyeman Prempeh International Airport.

Read below for your information and perusal:


A background:

On the 10th day of December 2012, President Mahama, the then-President of the Republic of Ghana gave approval for the Kumasi International Airport Redevelopment Project. Subsequently, on the 10th day of November 2016, the Cabinet endorsed and approved the redevelopment of the Kumasi International Airport Phase 2.

The Parliament of Ghana granted approval in December 2016.

At the conception stage of the Project, a decision was taken by the Government to phase the Project due to the Government’s Economic Agreement (ECA) with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) which had set limits on borrowing.

The Phase 2 was therefore approved and the scope of work were as follows:

a. New Passenger Terminal Building (5,800m2).

b. Parking Lot and Access Road (8,800m2).

c. Access Road (11,500m2).

d. Apron (17,500m2).

e. Runway Extension and Taxiway and related infrastructure (319m).

Works on the Phase 2 started in 2018.

Phase III’s loan facility agreed in April 2019.

The sums of €46,242,774.57 and another €18,900,000.00 from the Deutsche Bank AG, London Branch.

The scope of Third Phase of the Project is as follows:

a. Terminal and Landside.

  • Terminal Building Extension (2,522m2).
  • New Fire Station.
  • New Fire Access Road.
  • New Air Control Tower (ACT).
  • Car Park Extension (9,000m2).
  • Access Road Extension (4,200m2).
  • 2 New Boarding Bridges.

b. Works on Airside:

  • Apron Extension (7,731m2)
  • Runway Strip (202,805m2)
  • Airside Service Road.

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