Jean Mensah - Chairperson of EC

Dear Madam Jean Mensa,

I bring you warm greetings from Community Focus Foundation Ghana (CFF-Ghana)!

I trust my open letter meets you well.

Before demystifying the troubling issues, permit me to introduce myself. By introduction, I am Richard Kasu, a seasoned Civil Rights Activist working for God and country.

Madam, knowing how busy you are, more especially during this limited registration exercise, I will be brief in my submission.

Madam, as a political watcher who has been consistent with my progressive advocacy on electoral reforms for credible elections, I can say without any scintilla of doubt that you have overly exposed the commission, a once-respected organization to what I call “mass public torture”.

In all honesty, the Commission is suffering from a credibility crisis and has become so muddied in recent times under your watch. In fact, the allegations of machinations are just one too many. Under the circumstances, one cannot afford to sit unconcerned without speaking truth to power hence this friendly letter.

Not too long ago, you reported the disappearance of some Biometric Voter Registration (BVR) kits with some political stakeholders becoming suspicious and accusing you and the Commission of staging those thefts under the instructions of people in high places to execute a special assignment in line with the NPP’s #breaking the 8# agenda.

Regrettably, some decisions by the Commission including conducting the voter registration exercise at district offices of the EC, resisting NDC not to utilize its precautionary measure of recording serial numbers of BVR kits, misconduct of some EC officials during the Kumawu by-election, using NPP executives as presiding officers in the recent Ejisu by-election and Hon. Prof. Kingsley Nyarko’s bribery allegations among other suspected shenanigans of the EC cast a shadow of doubt on the neutrality of the commission you lead as its chairperson.

Commissioner, before drawing conclusion on the matter, I will like to ask the following questions for your kind answers;

  1. Are you hiding anything from the public for which reason(s) you are resisting NDC not to record serial numbers on the BVR kits?
  2. Is it true you allegedly threatened to resign your position during a meeting at Peduase Lodge in 2022 with the concern that you cannot rig the election the second time for the ruling government without the support of their “own” for which reason known NPP activists including Dr. Peter Appiahene were appointed deliberately to assist you win the elections?
  3. Did the commission allegedly stage the stealing of the BVR kits to enable it to do “special” registration under the cover of darkness? Indeed, the allegations are not helping but courting public disaffection and anger for your person and the commission. It will be in your best interest to clear doubts in the minds of the Ghanaian masses some of whom believe the said allegations.

I shall return!

Yours in the service of God and Country,

Richard Kasu