The Caucus For Mature Democrats has followed with sadness and regrets, the unfortunate shooting and killing of a soldier at Kasoa Millennium City police station following a disputed half plot of land there.

The Caucus is of the view that the police are BLAMEWORTHY for the killing of the soldier and Ghanaians including the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) must blame the death of the soldier on the unprofessional conduct of the police which led to the shooting and killing of the soldier.

In the first place, the police have proven to be very unprofessional to sit with weapons as if the weapons issued to them are to be used as walking sticks. Weapons are not to be handled like walking sticks but to be used in defence or for their intended purposes. They shouldn’t have allowed a civilian to threaten soldiers who under the circumstances as reported, were under the care of the police to be shot and killed. At least that shouldn’t have happened at the police station as reported.

Unprofessional because the Rules Of Engagement (ROE) of the professionally trained service personnel has taught us how to defend ourselves and our territories from any unlawful aggressions like what happened. The guy didn’t just shoot the soldiers on arrival. It has been reported that he began with threats like “if you are men move the car and see” or words to that effect.

At that particular moment, the aggressor began threatening the soldiers, the police were expected to use the processes or procedures of the Rules Of Engagement (ROE) to pin down the aggressor by having their weapons COCKED, and given a verbal warning to the aggressor NOT TO DARE or attempt to shoot anybody within their premises.

Should the aggressor get confident enough to attempt to shoot, then they are entitled to shoot to MAIM or shoot to INCAPACITATE the aggressor NOT to be able to use the gun at that moment. They could target the hand holding the pistol as alleged or they could shoot the leg of the aggressor to incapacitate him from aiming or shooting and to disarm him.

Do you know why? Because the soldiers were under their protection after reporting their case and still within their station. The police therefore exhibited very unprofessional behaviour for not protecting the soldiers and therefore must be wholly blamed for allowing a soldier to be shot and killed at their station.

That is what THE RULES OF ENGAGEMENT (ROE) has professionally taught us in defence of ourselves and those under us or around us. So clearly the police are to blame for the shooting and killing of the innocent soldier who exhibited so much professionalism, not taking the laws into their hands, but reporting to the body of men responsible for settling the dispute.

The Caucus therefore urges Ghanaians to blame the police at the Kasoa Millennium City police station for failing to use their Rules Of Engagement (ROE) as prescribed in defence of their reputation and their territorial integrity.

Are they telling us that, they don’t have the required training to defend themselves and their station, should there be a similar aggression against themselves and their police station? That shouldn’t be the case.

In conclusion the Caucus urges the Millennium city police to up their game by revisiting and revising their Rules Of Engagement to be more professional and on top of their job in order to be able to defend themselves and those they are supposed to protect under such circumstances.

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