The Caucus For Mature Democrats has taken notice of the Judiciary proposing a 7 day ultimatum for the aggrieved party to file petition on their disagreement on the election results.

The Caucus is asking whether it is the duty of the judiciary to propose such amendments per constitutional provisions?

We were all in Ghana here when the Chief Justice ran away from fixing date to hear the minority in parliament’s petition questioning the electoral commissioner to throw more light on the schedule of the limited Registration Exercise and registration centres proposed by the electoral commission. She remained so absent until the electoral commission commenced and completed the Limited Registration Exercise that the minority in parliament sought to challenge.

It is our honest view that, Ghanaians must never make a mistake to trust this npp filled institutions like the Electoral Commission, the police service and the National Security.

Our reasons are that:

There was a deliberate shooting and killing of eight (8) innocent Ghanaians during the collation period of election 2020, before which the Ayawaso West Wuogon (AWW) shooting, maiming and beating of innocent citizens who were eager to elect a credible candidate they thought could represent their true interest in parliament.

And as we speak, we demand to know the extent to which investigations on the killings has reached and the modalities put in place to curb recurrence of such unfortunate acts.

The Caucus calls for not only the NDC to reject the proposed amendments but generally Ghanaians must never allow such nonsense until we are told the extent of investigations and what is left to pursue, in the interest of fairness and justice.

In our view, the judiciary can never be trusted; the national security can never be trusted and the npp filled police personnel in uniform as COP Mensah alluded to, can never be trusted too.

What has become of the investigation on alleged unseating of IGP Dampare and all the other investigations related to the killing of the 8 innocent citizens in election 2020?

Finally the judiciary, national security, electoral commission and the npp filled police administration can never be trusted. The IGP, George Akufo Dampare should spare us his rhetoric of PUTTING HIS LIFE ON THE LINE in the supreme interest of the state.

We have heard the worse of people putting their miserable lives on the line from the most non-performing and most evil ever from the MOTHER SERPENT OF CORRUPTION, president akufo addo when he said to Ghana and the world, and we quote “I AM READY TO PUT MY PRESIDENCY ON THE LINE in my quest to fight against illegal mining popularly called GALAMSEY”.

In the end, president akufo addo has become THE CORRUPTION AND ILLEGAL MINING CLEARING AGENT; set out clearing all corruption and illegal mining related activities his appointees and npp aparachicks are NECK-DEEP INTO.

The IGP must never annoy us with his empty rhetoric of putting his life on the line while shelving lots of national interest and public interest related issues like the cold blooded murders of Ahmed Suale, JB Danquah Adu, the Zongo 7, money van and many other attacks whose accelerated investigations Ghanaians including the Caucus For Mature Democrats, other Civil Society Organisations and lovers of peace around the world, hold very dear to our hearts.

Fellow Ghanaians, you trust the JUDICIARY, National Security, Electoral Commission, the NPP Police Service and the likes at the peril of your own life and at your own risk. Let no one be deceived. Let us also demand investigations related to the killing of the 8 innocent citizens in the best interest of the state, with all the urgency it deserves. Thank you.

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