Rapper Medikal announces separation from Fella Makafui


Rapper Medikal has publicly announced his separation from actress and entrepreneur Fella Makafui, revealing that they are no longer together as husband and wife.

Taking to Twitter on Saturday, March 30, Medikal clarified that Fella Makafui is now his child’s mother, and they are currently engaged in co-parenting their daughter, Island Frimpong.

The rapper’s tweet came as a response to a post by a social media user that referred to Fella Makafui as Medikal’s wife.

In his tweet, Medikal stated, “Fella is no longer my wife; she is the mother of my child. We are now co-parenting, and everything is going well.”

This announcement has caused a stir on social media platforms, with many fans expressing surprise at the couple’s separation.

Last year, rumours of their split circulated, although neither party publicly confirmed it at the time.

It has been observed that Medikal and Fella Makafui have unfollowed each other on Instagram, and Fella Makafui has edited her Instagram username to exclude the title “Mrs. Frimpong.”

Furthermore, Medikal’s recent post on social media indicates that he has been blocked by Fella Makafui.

In a previous statement, Medikal hinted at the possibility of a divorce, expressing that marriage might not be suitable for a creative individual like himself, and emphasising that he had done his utmost.

The couple had a lavish wedding in 2020 and welcomed their daughter, Island Frimpong, who turns four in August this year.