John Dramani Mahama, the flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), has expressed disappointment regarding the neglect of crucial projects initiated during his administration by the Akufo-Addo, Bawumia government.

Mahama pledged that the NDC, a party renowned for its commitment to equitable resource allocation, would persist in ensuring the fair distribution of national resources across all regions if reinstated to power.

These comments were made during an address to party loyalists following a 24-hour economy walk in Kwahu, a key event in the party’s festive season activities.

Mahama criticised the NPP for failing to continue projects initiated during the NDC regime, leading to their abandonment and decay. He emphasized that the NDC is not a party that discriminates.

He indicated “I am very sad. The Abetifi Hospital that we were building that was about 70%, you will be sad if you see it today, you will cry. The NPP government has been wicked towards Ghanaians.”

Mahama reiterated his commitment to prioritizing the needs of the youth if elected into office.

He also proposed splitting the Youth and Sports ministry to create a separate Youth Development Ministry.

This move, according to him, would emphasise the importance of youth participation and generate employment opportunities for them, playing a crucial role in his 24-hour economic initiative.

Mahama expressed concern about the current ministry’s focus on sports, neglecting the youth for whom the ministry was created.


Meanwhile, the National Youth Organiser of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), George Opare Addo, has delivered a strong rebuttal to Bryan Acheampong’s assertions that the NPP will not hand over power to the NDC.

Opare Addo emphasized that if Bryan Acheampong truly stands by his words, he should demonstrate his commitment when the time comes for a transition of power.

Opare Addo’s impassioned response follows Bryan Acheampong’s recent declaration that the NPP will not yield power to the NDC following the 2024 elections.

“Last year I stood here in Mpraeso and said that whether NDC likes it or not they will never win the 2024 polls. If you don’t win the election, will power be handed over to you? We will not hand it over to them today or tomorrow,” the Abetifi MP stated.

In a firm stance, Opare Addo urged Bryan Acheampong’s family to counsel him wisely and promptly.

“He is the one saying that and as I have understood him, he said that whether they win or not, they will not hand over power. If his mother or family head, they should advise him here in Abetifi. If he is a man on that day, he should come down and say he will not hand over,” he responded.