John Dramani Mahama, the flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), is mobilizing individuals aged 18 and above to engage in the upcoming voter registration exercise, highlighting its potential for the NDC to make a positive impact on the country if he assumes the presidency.

Emphasizing the significance of civic engagement, Mahama reiterated the NDC’s dedication to effecting change if entrusted with leadership in December.

The Electoral Commission has set May 7th as the commencement date for voter registration in preparation for the upcoming polls.

Mahama expressed confidence that the NDC could transform the country’s fortunes if elected to office in December.

In his bid for the presidency, Mahama urged all eligible individuals to ensure they possess a valid voter ID card, particularly encouraging newly eligible youth to participate in the registration process using their Ghana Card.

“I urge everyone to ready his or her voter ID card. For the youth who recently turned 18, kindly note that from May, there will be a registration exercise. I encourage you to participate in it using your Ghana Card.”


Meanwhile, John Dramani Mahama, has reiterated that the proposed 24-hour economy will not be forced on businesses. He stressed that businesses will be invited to participate voluntarily.

Mahama, pledging to implement the 24-hour economy if elected in the 2024 elections, believes it will significantly boost Ghana’s economy and create many job opportunities for the youth.

Addressing members of the Oti Regional House of Chiefs, Mahama assured that the NDC is actively working on implementing the policy upon assuming office. He emphasized that the 24-hour economy is a strategy to enhance employment opportunities without being the sole solution.

Mahama promised to outdoor the policy and unveil further details before assuming office and assured that participation in it would be optional.

“It is an easy way to increase the vacancies for employment generation while we add on more avenues. It doesn’t mean that that is the only strategy for employment.

“We will outdoor it before we come into government and when we come into government we will hit the ground running with it. As I said it is not going to be compulsory. If you want to join, you join.”