Beyoncé received me nicely, Shatta Wale narrates how he met with Beyoncé


Ghanaian song writer, producer, dancehall sensation, Charles Nii Armah Mensah Junior, affectionately known as Shatta Wale, has shed more light on how he was linked up by his godfather to collaborate with American singer, songwriter and businesswoman, Beyoncé, during the scoop with GTV’s breakfast show host, Kafui Dey. 

The “OnGod” hitmaker said he had a call from his father (not his biological father), Leslie in the USA, who told him he had some great news for him, but he never believed until he finally met Beyoncé.He said, “Leslie called and said I want you to speak to a member from Beyoncé’s team, and I said, oh stop that because at this moment the only person I have in mind is meeting Vybez Kartel, so when he said Beyoncé, I was like, Herh! Jayz’s wife, Beyoncé? I screamed because I couldn’t believe it.” “I saw another missed call from Chris, who also confirmed it, and I kept asking what exactly they were talking about. Like play, like play, they sent me the song to listen, I opened the file and heard it and I said herh! She actually sang it and sent it to me, they gave me some lines to say, and I said, eiii they’ve written everything neatly in English. I didn’t believe until I met her.”

Going further, he said, “I wrote some part, recorded and sent it to them. They reviewed it and sent it back to me to check if I liked it. Professional people know how to receive talents and treat you right. The way Beyoncé received me on the first day was great, we shot the video in New York, one close to Times Square and the other in Brooklyn, and it was so  wonderful. When I met her, she looked like a normal African woman, she was very courteous, and after she spoke to me, I went out again and screamed because I couldn’t believe it, and her daughter Blue Ivy was there too, so I was like, herh.”

“I was really impressed with the way the team handled me because after shooting every scene, she would come and ask if it is okay with me. We discussed about Africa and how beautiful Ghana is, everyone loves her here. She should come for me to introduce her to our President because she is loved by everyone in Ghana. She later requested for a picture,” he hilariously added, adding that he never took his bath for a week after his encounter with Beyoncé. “When Beyoncé saw me, she said she loved my vocals, and I didn’t want to be on that song with anybody but you, and I felt so happy about it because on her album, I am the only one who did a song with her, and that’s an achievement.”

Beyoncé featured Shatta Wale on the song “Already,” which was released three years ago and is still a hit.