• Rehabilitation other than physiotherapy.
  • Appliances and prosthesis including optical aids, hearing aids, orthopaedic aids and dentures.
  • Cosmetic surgeries and aesthetic treatment. However, reconstructive surgery, such as is performed on burns patients, is covered.
  • HIV antiretroviral medicines.
  • Assisted reproduction, e.g. artificial insemination and gynaecological hormone replacement therapy.
  • Echocardiography (a painless test that uses sound waves to create moving pictures of the heart to give information about the size and shape of the heart and how well it is working).
  • Photography (photographs taken in clinics/hospitals to give visual records of patients’ condition and operations to track progress of treatment for medical files of the patient).
  • Angiography (a procedure where a dye is injected into the blood vessels and a photograph of the vessel is taken).
  • Orthoptics (diagnosis and treatment of defective eye movements and coordination).
  • Dialysis for chronic kidney failure.
  • Heart and brain surgery other than those resulting from accidents.
  • Cancer treatment other than cervical and breast cancer.
  • Organ transplantation.
  • Medicines that are not on the NHIS Medicines List.
  • Diagnosis and treatment abroad.
  • Medical examinations for purposes of employment, school admissions, visa applications, driving license etc.
  • VIP ward accommodation.
  • Mortuary services.