Former President Mahama joins Avenor traditional area to celebrate 2023 Tutudoza


Former President John Dramani Mahama has  joined the Chiefs and People of the Avenor Traditional Area in the Akatsi South Municipality of the Volta region to mark the 2023 Avenor Tutudoza.

Speaking at a durbar to climax this year’s Tutudo festival, former President Mahama assured the Chiefs and People of the Area that the next NDC government under his administration will continue and complete infrastructural and more especially road projects in  the area abandoned by the current government. 

The theme for this year’s festival was “Empowering the Youth of Avenor for Holistic Community Development and Transformation”.

Tutudoza, over the years has served as a platform not only for celebration but also a rally point for discussions on developmental issues to shape the future of the Chiefs and People of Avenor Traditional Area in the Akatsi South Municipality of the Volta region.

This year’s  festival had the theme “Empowering the Youth of Avenor for Holistic Community Development and Transformation”. 

The emphasis on empowering the youth highlights a forward-looking approach to acknowledge the role of the youth in community development. To this end the Avenor Traditional Area has thus resolved to empower the youth and propel the community towards comprehensive development and transformation. 

The Durbar to climax this year’s Tutudoza was preceded by a procession of Chiefs and people of the area through the principal streets of Akatsi in the Akasti South Municipality of the Volta region. As beats of traditional drums reverberated through the air, the people defied early rains and engaged in vibrant cultural displays, showcasing the rich heritage of the Avenor people. 

The Paramount Chief and President of the Avenor Traditional Council, Togbe Dorglo Anumah VI, called for the establishment of economic and Agro business ventures to bolster the local economy of the traditional area.

According to the Togbe Anumah, the call for economic and agro-business ventures resonates with a strategic move by the traditional area to harness local resources and create sustainable growth. 

“I would like to invite all of you to come and establish businesses in Akatsi which is the fastest growing municipal area in the Southern Volta region. We also have fertile land for Agriculture and Agro business ventures.aThe establishment of economic and Agro ventures will offer the surest way out of poverty and ensure rapid economic development for our youth and generations to come.”, Togbe Anumah VI noted. 

Former President and Flag bearer of the National Democratic Congress for the 2024 Presidential elections, John Dramani Mahama and some key members of the party joined the chiefs and people of the area to celebrate the 2023 tutudo festival.

Former President  Mahama said the mess created by the current government necessitates crucial and key measures by any next government to put the economy back on track hence his 24 hour economic policy strategy when entrusted with the administration of the country.

“We will as a priority complete abandoned projects before we start new ones. And there are many abandoned project in this municipality. I want to assure you today that the next government of  the NDC will complete the hospital expansion project, the Akatsi-Kpodzivi-Dakpa road, Akats-Xavi-Tuime-Hatorgodo and the  Akatsi-Dagbamate-Avenorfeme road projects as well as uncapping the GETFUND in order that we can complete all the educational and infrastructure that have been abandoned.” Former President Mahama assured.

He added that “The youth of our country are facing massive unemployment on  a scale never witnessed in our recent history. Many of them have lost hope in this beautiful country of ours. This is a serious security concern for our dear nation it requires urgent strategic well thought-through solutions. And this is why the next NDC government I will lead will be taking the bull by the horns by introducing the 24-hour economic policy to accelerate our economic expansion and this will make available a lot of employment opportunities to especially the young people of our country.”

According to the chiefs and elders of Avenor, the choice of theme for this year’s Tutudoza also seeks to instill in the youth, the mentality to contribute to the progress of Avenor through positive orientation and empowerment.