Akosombo Dam Spillage: Yaa Naa’s outstanding humanitarian gesture highlights our unflinching unity – Ablakwa

Honourable Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa writes...


“It was both exceedingly humbling and indeed a pleasant surprise to receive a royal invitation from His Royal Majesty Ndan Ya-Na Abukari II, the Overlord of the Dagbon Kingdom to come receive an impressive variety of relief items in his esteemed Gbewaa Palace in Yendi yesterday, as his personal donation to VRA-induced flood victims in my beloved constituency.

The Ya-Na’s outstanding humanitarian gesture does not only confirm his widely acclaimed reputation for philanthropy, it perhaps, most importantly, highlights our unflinching unity, common humanity and nationhood above all exaggerated divisions and false prejudices.

May I respectfully commend our revered Volta Chiefs — Mamaga Afua Asieku IV of Battor, Togbe Kodzo Azagba IV of Mepe, Manklalo Agbohla of Dorfor and Manklalo Borbordzi of Battor for leading me on this historic journey.

I am greatly encouraged by the very kind and complimentary words of His Majesty the Ya-Na — dedicated service to the people is truly service to God.

Long live our awesome cultures and traditions, and long live a united, stable and peaceful Ghana in the midst of our beautiful diversity.

In this together, rising together.” 🙏🏾