TTU unveils 70th anniversary logo


To set the tone for the celebration of its 70th anniversary, Takoradi Technical University (TTU), has launched an official logo.

The 70th anniversary logo encapsulates seven decades of commitment, resilience, growth, and a remarkable journey as an institution. It also represents a dream-nurtured, celebrated triumph, and an inspiration for the future of the institution.

The logo was designed by Prince Asamoah Williams, an alumnus of TTU, after an open competition for the creation of the anniversary logo. It embodies elements such as a cog wheel, a golden evolving laurel wreath, a multi-colored extension of the “7,” and an insert of the TTU original logo. Each element radiates intrinsic and extrinsic sensibility, telling the story of evolution, innovation, collaboration, societal relevance, and team spirit that have been the foundation of achievements.

The Vice Chancellor of TTU, Rev. Prof. John Frank Eshun, who led the symbolic unveiling of the 70th anniversary emblem, said the logo represents the embodiment of the past and the future of the university, which has been made possible by unity of purpose.

“As we celebrate this momentous occasion, let’s reflect on the journey that has led us here – our triumphs, hurdles, and the invaluable contribution to our growth as a successful institution in technical education. I want you to realize that this logo symbolizes the essence of the past, present, and future. The lively colors and dynamic design blend tradition with innovation, reflecting our ability to adapt and progress over the years. We have witnessed incredible progress and transformation as a technical institution of higher learning over the past seventy years.”

Our commitment to innovation has allowed us to embrace new technologies, strategies, and ideals while holding on to our traditions and core values. We have grown not just in the number of years but in our understanding of the complex challenges we face. Our 70th anniversary logo represents a symbol of unity and collaboration. It reminds us that we are part of a larger community, where every individual’s efforts are vital to the total growth of the University,” he said.

Rev. Prof. Eshun also used the occasion to eulogize the past leadership, staff, and partners of the university as pacesetters and for helping to drive TTU to where it is today.

Rev. Prof. Eshun

“Together, we have accomplished a lot and improved lives. As we move forward, let us continue to nurture a culture of inclusivity and teamwork to confront the challenges ahead… It is essential to acknowledge the work of our forebears who toiled day and night to bring us this far. We also acknowledge the tremendous support from our stakeholders: the Governing Council, Management, the Executive Committee, Academic Board, Convocation, staff, and students. We cannot forget volunteers, partners, and the communities we serve. Without your support, dedication, and belief in our cause, our journey would not have been possible. As we celebrate our 70th anniversary, we express our deepest gratitude to all those whose contributions have been instrumental in our success,” he acknowledged.

The Pro Vice Chancellor of TTU, Prof. Victor Kweku Bondzie Micah, while highlighting the makeup of the 70th Anniversary logo, indicated that the logo re-emphasizes the collective spirit of the University, which must be nurtured beyond the 70th Anniversary.

“As we stare and relate to the elements of the Logo and the comprehensive outlook of the logo, let us remember the foundation the early visionaries laid. What we are doing together in this journey of projecting this institution and the potential future that lies ahead of us.”

“We should let this new dawn inspire us with the new opportunities and challenges that will transform the next chapter of our legacy. Let us carry the essence of our 70-year journey in our hearts to manifest the societal relevance we aspire to achieve. The logo is reflective of the dynamic interweaving of our collective experiences, the cohesive bond that unites us, and the aspirations that drive us onward. This 70th anniversary should help us to build better relationships and collaborations with stakeholders and consolidate gains as the premier Technical University in Ghana,” he urged.

The Registrar of TTU, Dr. Moses Maclean Abnory, on his part, said a good logo gives a first impression and sets an institution apart from its peers, hence the unveiling of the 70th Anniversary emblem is instructive and timely to usher in the celebration of the 70 years of success of the university.

President of the TTU Alumni, Dr. Bruce Amartey, expressed excitement to be part of the TTU success story.

“We, as alumni, are very privileged to have passed through this institution, as it has shaped and transformed us into what we are today. We believe TTU will continue to shape lives and create innovative and transformative citizens who will shape society and Ghana as a whole”, he noted.

The official launching of the TTU 70th anniversary is scheduled to take place on December 15, 2023.