Expedite work on anti-gay bill – Bagbin directs Parliamentary Affairs Committee


The Speaker of Parliament, Alban Bagbin, has directed the Constitutional, Legal, and Parliamentary Affairs Committee of the house to expedite work on the bill concerning the promotion of proper sexual human rights and Ghanaian family values, also known as the Anti-LGBTQ bill, to ensure its passage by next week.

The bill, currently at its consideration stage, seeks to proscribe LGBTQ+ and related activities, prohibit the propaganda, advocacy for, or promotion of LGBT and related activities, and provide for the protection of and support for children and persons who are victims or accused of LGBT and related activities.

Giving the directive in Parliament on Wednesday, the Speaker underscored, “The most important bill, I insist that next week we have to take it and finish it. It’s been pending for a long time, and questions are being raised.”

“When you delay in doing some of these things, it creates suspicion, and we know how dearly our people hold the critical nature of that bill. And so we should please move to make sure that it is passed.”


Also, Alban Bagbin, has summoned the Ministers of Defence and National Security to appear before the Defence and Interior Committee of Parliament on Thursday morning to provide a briefing on actions being taken by the government to forestall a clash between the Mo and Wangara tribes in the Kintampo North municipality.

According to the Member of Parliament for the area, Joseph Kwame Kumah, tensions were high when the Mo tribe requested to perform rituals within the months of November and December, coinciding with the annual Klubi festival of the Wangara community.

In response to calls for a ceasefire by the MP, the Speaker directed that the government must take immediate steps to ensure peaceful coexistence.

“As the first authorities to come to this house to brief the committee on Defense and Interior, this is an urgent matter that should be handled with dispatch. I think tomorrow should be okay for the two ministers and their commanders to appear before the committee early tomorrow morning by 9 am to brief the committee. It is an urgent matter.”

“The National Security Council through their regional office should immediately intervene because the chieftaincy institution is one of the cornerstones of the peace and security of our country, and we hold that institution dearly. We will do everything to prevent that institution from falling into disarray,” he stated