The Minerals Commission has issued a statement clarifying that it categorically rejected an application from High Street Ghana Limited for a mining license within the Kakum National Park.

The Commission emphasized that the application received no consideration and was subsequently removed from the online mining cadastre.

Responding to concerns raised by Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), the Minerals Commission dispelled any misconceptions about the alleged attempt by the mining firm to operate within the Kakum National Park in the Central Region.

The Commission’s statement reiterated that the application by High Street Ghana Limited was unequivocally rejected and, as a result, holds no validity or consideration.

“The Commission wishes to inform the CSOs and the public that the application by Hight Street Mining Company Limited was rejected and therefore cannot be processed or considered whatsoever,” the statement issued by the Chief Executive Officer said.

“Consequently, the Commission has deleted the application from the online mining cadastre.

“The Commission wishes to assure the public that no mineral right whether for prospecting or mining shall be considered or granted in the Kakum National Park.”