An open letter to the NDC Communication Team From Onyame J


My dear Comrades, I have been listening with great trepidation to what appears to be an official agenda of the NDC’s Communication Team to expose what it calls the “lack of religious principle“ of the newly elected Flagbearer of the NPP. Some have described him, as “a Pentecostal at night and Muslim in the day” all for political convenience.

The flirtations of Bawumia a known Muslim with Christianity is well known by Ghanaians long before the NPP presidential primaries. My concern is, to what political benefit will discussion on this over-flogged fact bring to the table? Aren’t we falling into the temptation of relegating the more germane issues of the economic crisis he has led the country into?

Religion is a minefield and any politically savvy person would tread cautiously or avoid. What happens if he actually picks the much respected Apostle Onyinah as his running – -mate, as it is being rumored? Are we not going to be exposed as being rather religiously intolerant? Avoid this trap it’s a distraction.
My two-pence to our Communication team, veer away from religious and ethnic issues and focus on the many bread and butter issues that affect the ordinary Ghanaian daily.