Bizzle Entertainment responds to Shatta Wale’s concert cancellation


Bizzle Entertainment, organizers of the Wolverhampton Concert has responded to the unexpected cancellation of Shatta Wale’s concert by his management Shatta Movement Records.

On Tuesday, October 31, 2023, the management of Shatta Wale issued a press statement stating the withdrawal of the musician from a concert he was billed to perform in Wolverhampton, United Kingdom.

The Press statement made claims that the organizers of the event had failed to meet the luxurious demands of the artist and that necessitated the cancellation.

Accordingly, the demands were to enable Shatta Wale to have and produce extraordinary showmanship.

In response to the cancellation, Bizzle Entertainment has expressed their shock and disappointment in the act of the management of Shatta Wale owing to the fact that, the annulment of the event was done contrary to an earlier agreement on how issues should be handled.

“Our agreement with Shatta Management Empire explicitly states that in the event of unforeseen circumstances or disputes, both parties should engage in meaningful dialogue before making any public announcements or decisions regarding concert cancellations”, the presser states.

According to Bizzle Entertainment, the claims by the Artist that the organizers could not meet requirements and demands are false.

The organizers have made an initial 50% down payment of whatever that was agreed between them and Shatta Wale’s management per the contract in good faith. The statement states that plans are underway to resolve all underlying issues and possibly reschedule the event or make refunds to ticket holders.

Below is the full statement;