Pupils at Suhum-Abessim Basic School in the Eastern Region bring their own chairs and tables before gaining admission into the school.

This is due to the failure of the Municipal Education Directorate and the Assembly to provide desks and other learning logistics to the school.

This came to the fore when our Correspondent Michael Teye Amartey visited the school to assess the situation.

Established in 1977, the Suhum-Abessim Basic School has been struggling with learning logistics to enhance effective teaching and learning.

According to the PTA Chairman of the school, Makrado Nene Evans Nargeh, the school started in a wooden structure in last four years an NGO with support from the Suhum Municipal Assembly built a new block for them.

He further remarked that all efforts made for the assembly to provide them with desks and other learning logistics to aid learning in the school yielded no result.

He said it was through the effort of the parents that they have provided the teachers with plastic chairs and tables. Nene Nargeh said pupils whose parents are not able to provide them with chairs and tables are compelled to sit on tree boards to learn.

This, according to him, is affecting enrollment in the school since most parents are sending their wards to nearby schools.

Some of the community members also speaking to GBC Sunrise FM complained bitterly about the issue.

The Headteacher of the school, Samuel Larbi also appealed to organizations to provide the school with computers to aid the teaching of the practical aspect of Information, Communication and Technology in the school.