The third witness in the leaked audio of the alleged plan to oust the Inspector General of the Ghana Police, Superintendent George Asare, has revealed to the Parliament’s Adhoc Committee probing the matter that he has met with former NPP regional Chairman, Chief Bugri Naabu, on three occasions.

Appearing before the committee, Superintendent Asare mentioned that he got to know the former Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party, Chief Bugri Naabu, through his son, who doubles as his spiritual father, Prophet Emmanuel Teye Bugri Naabu.

He said their first meeting was a request by the son of Chief Bugri Naabu to accompany him and pay homage to his father, which he had no choice but to oblige.

He further stated that the meeting was only to pay homage but ended up intervening in a case between the Chief and his domestic aide, Aryeetey, who has refused to continue working with the chief due to personal reasons. He stressed that his long stay and operations within the Mamprobi district area gave him the opportunity to speak to the Aryeetey and intervene for Chief Bugri Naabu.

He revealed also that the second and third meetings with Chief Bugri Naabu were by invitation to discuss and suggest who fits the bill to become the next Inspector General of the Ghana Police. He stated that, during those meetings, the name of the second witness, COP George Alex Mensah, came up for consideration. He added that he opined to Chief Bugri Naabu that, if there is any competent officer due to replace the current IGP, then COP George Alex Mensah is the best candidate.