The General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr. Fiifi Fiavi Kwetey, has cautioned the government to desist from engaging in activities that could plunge the country into a coup.

His caution comes against the backdrop of the military takeover in Gabon, which is the latest in a string of coups that have taken place in recent years and comes just a month after soldiers took control in Niger.

He emphasised the causes of coups, cautioning the government to be wary of the needs of the citizens.

The General Secretary of the NDC, speaking to journalists in Accra, said, “Let the people decide who should be in charge. As opposed to this primitive obsession we have, as soon as you have access to power, you must corrupt institutions; you must turn them into appendages.

You must destroy the businesses that support your opponents, you must create conditions that make it impossible for any other person to have a possibility of power. Yet at the same time, when you hear about a coup in another country, you jump into sending the military. Meanwhile, you are creating a situation that could lead to the same situation in your country,” he said.

Some coup plotters have attributed governance deficits, non-fulfillment of citizenship entitlements, frustrated masses, and youth unemployment, amongst others, as reasons for embarking on coups.