The Member of Parliament for Tano North, Freda Prempeh, was on Tuesday, August 8, disappointed as her constituents said they will not use a toilet facility she commissioned. 

According to the chiefs and the people of the area, the lawmaker has refused to commission the facility which has been completed for over three years because her choice for the District Assembly Elections lost.

They insisted that despite appeals to the now Sanitation Minister, she vehemently rejected their request.

So, at the commissioning of the project today, August 8, the people hooted at her and her entourage, creating a very embarrassing scene for her.

“There are wicked people in the world. Honourable Freda Prempeh, go and commission the funeral grounds and your poor market that you constructed without any iron rod.

“The people who are giving you ill advice that you’re also listening to, they are also wicked just as yourself. You think you can come and deceive us with this nonsense facility,” one of the angry constituents said.

They alleged that she is doing this because someone has begun the construction of a toilet facility for them.

They insisted that is the only motive for the MP’s decision to commission the facility.