Nduom blames media for low publicity of minor political parties


The founder of the Progressive People’s Party (PPP), Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom, has blamed the lack of progressive publicity by the media on the ineptitude of minor political parties.

His comments come amid widespread concerns about the low participation rate of minor political parties in national issues.

Speaking in an exclusive media engagement, the business magnate further attributed the problem to inadequate funding of minor political parties’ activities.

“It is you media people who are always saying the major political parties, and now you are calling them minor political parties. And they say if I vote for this one, they won’t win, so why should I waste my votes? Waste your votes, now you are suffering, who do you blame? You also need to find alternatives to help them develop and grow.”

“That is the only way, else you will keep doing the same things, and we will keep getting the same results. It’s simple. I know people who are trying, but they don’t have cash, politics require cash, if the people are demanding cash, and you don’t have it, in politics, it doesn’t work that way,” Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom stated.

EC cancels registration certificates of 17 dormant political

But after the exercise, the EC invoked Section 15 (3) (c) of the Political Parties Act of 2000, Act 574, which mandates it to cancel the registration of Political Parties which do not have offices at the National and Regional levels.

“The general public is hereby informed that the registration certificates of the underlisted political parties have been cancelled in accordance with Section 15 (3) (c) of the Political Parties Law, 2000 (Act 574) effective the 1st day of November 2022,” the commission announced in a statement.


The Electoral Commission had earlier struck out the names of some 17 political parties from Ghana’s political parties register.

Between May and June 2022, the EC embarked on a nationwide exercise to inspect the offices of all registered political parties in Ghana.