A Governance and Leadership Expert Expert Professor Enoch Opoku Antwi has said that whether in a private or public enterprise, a person cannot keep such an amount of money at home as the Sanitation Minister Cecilia Dapaah kept at her house.

He believes that keeping such an amount of money at home puts the lives of the person’s family members who live in the same house in danger.

Professor Antwi asked the Minister to step aside and allow for investigations to take place.

“Whether private or public you cannot keep it at home,” he said on the Key Points on TV3 Saturday, July 22.

He added “You put your entire household in danger. If the money is not legitimate that is when people will keep it in the house and we need to investigate the source of the money.”

Founding President of Imani Africa Franklin Cudjoe has asked regarding Sanitation Minister Cecilia Dapaah’s millions of Dollars and Euros whether the house is an open bank.

In a tweet, he said “The High Court was told by the Minster, that “$1m, €300k and millions of cedis” was stolen by the house helps. The question is HOW MUCH IS THE “millions of cedis”? Is the house an open bank?”

Meanwhile, Madam Cecilia Dapaah has said that there are inconsistencies in the reports on the millions of Dollars and Euros kept at her home.