On a cold rainy Saturday morning, a group of young ladies gathered along the muddy paths at the Madina market in Accra to discuss ‘business’.

They tried to communicate in undertones but could be heard by passersby as they discussed a product that made them enjoy financial favours from men.

The four ladies, one in her teens, were eager to complete their mission at the market on June 10, raising some curiosity.

“’Kayanmata’ is very good for the business,” One of them eventually blurted out.

‘Kayanmata’ originated from the Northern part of Nigeria. It refers to herbs or potions that act as sex or love enhancers for couples.

It was often given to new brides by elderly women in the community to make a memorable first night with their husbands.

‘Kayanmata’ is not new.

However, its popularity among young girls in Ghana has skyrocketed recently.

Open commercials of love potions and charms have flooded social media, attracting young girls like an antelope amid a pride of hungry lions.

‘Kayanmata’ now seems to be the holy grail to attract wealth from men as Ghana girls join long winding queues to buy the most potent product.

Ladies in long queues at popular shop with 'kayanmata' products displayed on the shelves
Ladies in long queues at a popular shop with ‘kayanmata’ products displayed on the shelves

After following the girls’ trail painstakingly, The Ghana Report was directed to a shop at the Madina market as the plug for the product, which sells like hot cake.

There were over 20 ladies at the shop entrance as early as 8:00 am, waiting for the supplier to begin daily sales.

So, The Ghana Report engaged them as they sat patiently for their packages.

From information gathered from some users, men could be enchanted using ‘kayanmata’ to spend their entire wealth on a woman immediately after intercourse.

Ladies spill how to attract men using ‘kanyamata’

Akosua Jackson, who has been using ‘kayanmata’ for years, explained how she buys different products like vagina upgrades to tighten her vagina and favour oil to attract wealthy men.

“I have used this to collect money from men for over three years. See, my dear, using ‘kayanmata’ has changed my life. That’s a little secret. Before now, I hardly had money to feed myself and talk less about sending to my mother and siblings. But now, everything is overflowing,” she added, smiling coyly during a conversation with The Ghana Report.

Nelly is a 23-year-old physically endowed lady with an hourglass figure. She is of average height, and her smooth, spotless skin will ordinarily attract many people’s attention at first sight.

She flaunted the keys to her Honda Civic car with pride and added that she resided in a two-bedroom apartment at Adjiringanor and owned a big boutique at East Legon.

“Someone introduced me to it. I was initially scared, but after seeing the results of the first product I bought for GH₵200, I became addicted to it.

“It gives me rich partners. All I have to do is use the perfume, drink some tea and use other products as instructed. And anything I ask from my partner is mine. The products are too expensive to be a joke,” she added.

This was confirmed by Akosua Jackson, who had much to say about the efficacy of ‘kayanmata’.

Akosua is a married woman and a  mother of two but strongly believes that only a few marriages can survive without using ‘kayanmata’.

She said her friends who do not use the products were abandoned by their husbands a few years after marriage.

“To me, ‘kayanmata’ is a normal thing people use daily. I don’t know if my marriage would still be intact if I didn’t use ‘kayanmata’. Two of my friends have left their matrimonial homes because of one trouble or another, but my marriage is still intact.

“I advised them to use some of the products, but they said it was fetish and against the will of God. But my sister, it is not. It is a way of protecting what is yours. I am the apple of my husband’s eye, and no woman can take my place. Never!” she stated boldly.

For Habiba, her experience with ‘kayanmata’ was just a month ago. She was driven to try it because she needed money to survive.

“I didn’t intend to use it because I was scared but about a month ago, I had some financial issues that made me feel useless. My friend told me to use some of her products. It worked very well for me; I got monetary gifts and so much attention from different men. After that, I went to buy my own complete package, and I am happy I did,” she narrated.

The rain began to pour heavily at this point, but the ladies were unperturbed as they continued waiting for the ‘kayanmata’ vendor.

While looking for a safe place to sit, one of Nelly’s clients, Mr Tenkorang, coincidentally drove by.

She calls him ‘sugar zaddy’.

According to Nelly, Mr. Tenkorang is a father of four and in his early 60s, one of her favourites and a regular visitor to her apartment.

Nelly claimed he rented the apartment for her, furnished it, and got her visas to travel to Dubai for shopping, the Maldives for vacation, and some other countries.

“His family resides in the US, and he visits them occasionally. But when he is in Ghana, I have all his attention,” she added.

Finally, Yaa Lagata, the last amongst the ladies, said: “I use ‘kayanmata, but it’s just for personal reasons. The person I buy it from gives me a body sweetener that makes any man who sleeps with me want to do more. The man will always think about me and buy me expensive gifts because he enjoys sex and wants more”.

She continued: “I heard some can make a man leave his wife and marry you, but I don’t buy that one. I just want to survive the current economic situation in the country. I don’t want to destroy another woman’s home”.

How ‘Kanyamata’ works and the dire consequences

It was around 9:30 am, and the ‘kayanmata’ vendor, Ruthy Toosweet, finally arrived.

After she opened the shop, the ladies quickly went in to get their products and departed after a short conversation.

“I want kayanmata,” The Ghana Report journalist whispered to the sales girl in the shop whilst the shop owner was attending to other ladies.

“Which one? For vagina tightening or sweetening?” the salesgirl asked.

“I have the traditional and English products. I have the one you will mix with honey. This one will give you the power, and you will not get tired,” She explained as she pointed to some herbs in a jar.

She brought out some pills and said ladies swallow to “get into the mood”.

“What about the one that will make men favour me financially?” The Ghana Report journalist asked.

“Wait because that one unless madam attends to you,” she replied.

After the other ladies had left, Ruthy Toosweet spoke to The Ghana Report.

“Kayanmata is not juju as most people think. It’s just a mixture of herbs to make sex interesting between partners.

“There are others that also force men to give their partners whatever she desires. It doesn’t kill the partner or make him dull. It will only make him perform his responsibilities as expected,” she said.

Ruthy further explained the motivation for setting up a ‘kayanmata’ business.

“Kayanmata restored a relationship that was about to hit the rock. I was happy the ‘kayanmata’ made the relationship bounce back. After this, I was motivated to go into it full-time to put a smile on the faces of those beautiful women who have lost hope,” she said.

Dispelling the claim that it is fetish, she retorted, “’ Kayanmata’ is an ancient knowledge lost in this era of the internet, and we are trying to bring it back. Most of the ingredients are herbs and roots put together in the right places and right dosage.”

She said she uses dates, natural honey, plants, kola nut, and herbs to prepare the mixtures.

“Some women lose the urge for sex after childbirth. The product can help you restore your libido naturally without swallowing pills,” she added.

Ruthy revealed the ‘kayanmata’ she sells are natural herbs but quickly added that some ladies go to the extent of fortifying themselves spiritually, and combining with ‘kayanmata’ could lead to serious complications.

She disclosed that some men know ladies’ use of ‘kayanmata’ and fortification, so they also seek powers to counter the effect.

“Some men who patronize ladies, especially hook-up girls, also fortify themselves spiritually, so when these two groups of individuals meet, they can have serious issues, depending on who is spiritually strong amongst the two,  the less spiritual person can die, go mad or for the ladies, instead of attracting wealthy men, they will only attract mad men”.

Ruthy revealed that in such situations, only God can save the victims or the source of the fortification for redress.